DP: Ever been hit so hard you questioned whether you wanted to keep doing this?

SM: Never.

DP: Who's hit you the hardest?

SM: Vernon Forrest. I got hit with a head-butt, then with a right hand. If I see a punch, it usually doesn't hurt me. But I was dazed and didn't see the uppercut coming.

DP: What other sport do you think you could have played?

SM: Basketball.

DP: Wait a minute-how tall are you?

SM: Five-nine.

DP: Okay, then. Give me the NBA guy who plays the way you'd play.

SM: Earl Boykins. I'm quick. My speed is my power.

DP: You had a bet with Fernando Vargas for 100 grand. Did he pay you?

SM: Yeah, his camp wired it to me.

DP: Have you had other bets with boxers?

SM: I'm not the betting type. That's why Vargas was hesitant to make the wager.

DP: How many belts do you have?

SM: Five. They're at my house. Well, four are. I'm trying to find my IBF belt.

DP: You lost the IBF belt?

SM: I think I did. I gotta find it.

DP: If you were going to wear one in public, which would it be?

SM: Probably the WBC belt. It looks the best. It's also the most valuable to me: I got it after I beat Oscar, which put me on the map.

DP: You're from Los Angeles. Are you a Lakers fan or a Clips man?

SM: Lakers. Have been since the '80s.

DP: How many points could Kobe score if he wanted to?

SM: 100. When Kobe is hot, he can just throw them up and they go in.

DP: What do you think of Dave Chappelle?

SM: Very funny guy.

DP: Would you leave $50 million on the table like he did?

SM: Probably not. But I guess he already made about $50 million, so another $50 million wouldn't mean that much.

DP: Name a boxer you would like to have fought.

SM: Sugar Ray Leonard.

DP: A fight for the title of "Sugar." Who would win?

SM: All I know is we'd have to battle it out. It would probably go the distance.

DP: What about a heavyweight?

SM: I'm too small to even think about getting in the ring with a heavyweight.

DP: Fair enough. But would a trained boxer always beat a larger nonboxer?

SM: Yes. Most people aren't used to getting hit on the chin. They'll fall right away.