A look at steroid policies sport by sport

Updated: June 7, 2006, 8:11 PM ET

  MLB NBA NFL NHL Olympics
Steroids test Yes Yes (limited substances) Yes No Yes
Frequency All players tested at least once a year during spring training or season; identifiable, unannounced and random; each player subject to additional tests regardless of the number of tests taken by the player and includes off-season testing Rookies: up to 4 times a year; veterans: once in training camp One mandatory test per year. Subject to weekly tests -- 7 players per team selected -- from the start of preseason to the end of the postseason. During the offseason: Up to six times. Randomly test twice a year An "effective" number
Procedure Urine test Urine test Urine test Urine Test Urine or blood test or significant evidence
Random tests Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Penalties for First offense 50-game suspension without pay 5-game suspension 4-game suspension 20-game suspension Minimum 2-year suspension
Penalties for Second offense 100-game suspension without pay 10-game suspension 6-game suspension 60-game suspension Lifetime ban**
Penalties for Third offense Lifetime ban 25-game suspension Minimum 1-year suspension Lifetime ban  
Penalties for Fourth offense   Players also risk permanent ban from league Minimum 1-year suspension    
** when certain substances have been deemed susceptible to anti-doping regulations, the Olympic athlete can petition and have his/her penalty reduced to: first violation, as little as a warning and no ineligibility or a maximum of one-year ineligibility; second violation: two years of ineligibility, lifetime ban