TitleTown tops ESPN.com searches in July

ESPN.com ranks the top searches of July 2008.

Originally Published: August 1, 2008
By Maalek Marshall | ESPN.com

Top search of the month: TitleTown

The search for TitleTown USA began three months ago and ended with Valdosta, Ga. claiming sports' ultimate territorial bragging rights. After maintaining its position as the No. 21 search in both April and May, "TitleTown" ascended in June to No. 3. All throughout July, as fans were able to cast their finalist votes for the winner, "TitleTown" remained the No. 1 search by a mile totaling more than twice the amount of searches for the No. 2 search "ESPYS."

Quick hits

  • No. 4 Brett Favre: Favre appropriately comes in as the No. 4 search as his recent "itch" to return to the NFL after a five-month retirement kept users consistently searching for the latest news on whether he actually will be able to play, where he might play and … where he will land on the Packers' depth chart.
  • No. 8 Josh Hamilton: Hamilton was clearly the darling of the MLB All-Star weekend and users searched extensively for him to check out video clips of his record-breaking HR Derby performance as well as read up on his incredible season and inspirational story about recovering from drug addiction.
  • No. 10 My Wish: The SportsCenter series was a top search as users were able to re-watch video segments of athletes making five children's sports wishes come true.
  • No. 12 College Football Live: It's not quite college football season yet, but that means nothing to true fans who want to talk up their alma mater. After tuning in to College Football Live, users have been searching the term on ESPN.com to submit their homemade "Sound Off" videos.

Surprise search of the month: Carson Palmer

The outspoken All-Pro QB was quite a popular search in July after he not only answered questions about the Bengals' turbulent organization and Chad Johnson's distracting offseason remarks in an Ed Werder interview, but also voluntarily expressed his displeasure with Ohio State University and its fans on a Los Angeles sports radio show (no word yet on whether Palmer has submitted a homemade video to College Football Live's Sound Off). Palmer said he was only playing up to the L.A. audience with his comments. It's impossible to truly know whether Palmer was serious or not, but there's no doubt about how much his search numbers jumped. After only 130 searches in June, Palmer received more than 3,400 in July for an increase of more than 2,500 percent and the "Surprise Search" honor.

The complete top 25

1. TitleTown
3. PTI
4. Brett Favre
5. Kimbo Slice
6. Poker
7. Tour de France
8. Josh Hamilton
9. Home Run Derby
10. My Wish
11. E-Ticket
12. College Football Live
13. Olympics
14. Fantasy Football
15. Mike and Mike
16. MMA
17. UFC
18. WSOP

19. All-Star Game
20. Manny Ramirez
21. Power Rankings
22. MLB Power Rankings
23. Bill Simmons
24. SportsCenter
25. Alex Rodriguez

Maalek Marshall is ESPN.com's search editor.

Note: The results listed are the summation of actual search results that were manually typed in by site users of ESPN.com in said month of 2008. All prelinked searches (including columnist archive links) were excluded from this summation.