ESPN's baseball coverage and ratings


FIGURE 1: This chart shows the appearances in ESPN's scheduled Sunday, Monday and Wednesday Night Baseball (plus Opening Day and last year's Barry Bonds chase for Aaron's Home Run record) for 2008 and 2007.

FIGURE 2: 2008 ratings performance for "Sunday Night Baseball"

FIGURE 3: ESPN Sunday Night Baseball ratings for the 2006 regular season, 2007 regular season, and 2008 regular season to date (8/02/08).

FIGURE 4: When the total Yankees, Red Sox, and Mets games are excluded from the total SNB average, ratings deliveries decrease between 14% - 27%

FIGURE 5: The Yankees-Red Sox games have been the networks highest rated games over the past three seasons

FIGURE 6: The Yankees-Red Sox and Yankees-Mets games continue to be the networks biggest draw over the past three seasons

FIGURE 7: Below are regional ratings for a sampling of ESPN's 2008 Sunday night games. The West Central region delivers a similar rating for Cubs-Cards games as the Northeast region does for the Yankees-Red Sox games. The Yankees-Red Sox games rate well in every region across the country. The Pacific region has delivered higher ratings for Yankees-Red Sox games than games that involve a West Coast team. There is a similar situation with the Cubs-Cardinals game.

-- Source: ESPN Integrated Media Research

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