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Originally Published: October 1, 2008
By Maalek Marshall |

Top Search of the Month: NFL Expert Picks

In addition to watching sports, there are three things that users love: lists, polls and predictions. Addressing one-third of that list are our NFL Expert Picks. Our group of experts (Eric Allen, David Fleming, Mike Golic, Merril Hoge, Ron Jaworski, Chris Mortensen, Mark Schlereth and Seth Wickersham), collectively known as the "brain trust of Bristol University," battle each other, the Accuscore Game Cast, the top Pigskin Pick 'em choices and even the "Sunday Countdown" crew (Cris Carter, Mike Ditka, Tom Jackson, Keyshawn Johnson and Chris Mortensen … yes, he plays twice) each week of the NFL season for ultimate "Nostradamus" status. Our experts should be glad their weekly efforts aren't in vain. As the highly anticipated 2008 NFL season got under way in September, searches for our NFL experts' picks steadily increased with each unpredictable week to top all other searches by month's end.

Quick Hits

  • No. 4 NFL Power Rankings: A perfect segue from the top search, and representing a combination of both lists and polls, the NFL Power Rankings were a weekly favorite for searchers throughout the tumultuous month of September as major injuries and amazing comebacks had many preseason sure shots and duds trading spots.
  • No. 13 USC: The major upsets weren't limited to pro football as the collegiate gridiron also endured many surprises throughout September, most notably unranked Oregon State's shocking defeat of the then No. 1-ranked USC Trojans.
  • No. 17 Tom Brady: Fans who root against the Pats (as well as many who play fantasy football) are accustomed to seeing Brady listed on the injury report each week yet still managing to pick apart teams as if he didn't even have a paper cut. This year, however, is a different story as Tom Terrific suffered a season-ending injury in the first quarter of the season opener, which prompted a massive amount of searches on his status.

Surprise Search of the Month: Dante Love

Football's often classified as a brutal sport and in addition to all the magnificent plays and hard hits there are sometimes devastating injuries. Wide receiver Dante Love was in his senior year at Ball State and having a great start to the season with three TDs and 25 receptions through the first three games when he suffered a severe spinal injury during the Cardinals' fourth game against Indiana. Love received a mixed blessing after it was announced that after surgery he would recover with full use of his faculties, but would never be able to play football again. Love's story was clearly one that concerned users followed closely throughout September as he received more than 1,500 searches after only 12 searches in August (an increase of more than 12,500 percent).

The Complete Top 25

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2. Notre Dame
3. Power Rankings
4. NFL Power Rankings
5. Fantasy Football
6. Pontiac (Game Changing Performance)
7. TMQ
8. Streak (for the Ca$h)

9. BYU
10. PTI
11. Nebraska
12. Michigan
13. USC
14. College Football
15. Heisman
16. Bottom 10
17. Tom Brady

18. Alabama
19. Penn State
20. GamePlan
21. Pigskin Pick 'em
22. Virginia Tech
23. Florida State
24. Shaun Alexander
25. Vince Young

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