Ultimate Standings 2009: No. 114


Last Year's Rank: 64
Title Track: 115
Ownership: 110
Coaching: 98
Players: 120
Fan Relations: 119
Affordability: 95
Stadium Experience: 98
Bang for the Buck: 53

Cleveland's position in the Standings has cratered like the Dow (down from 64 in 2008), and you don't need Ben Bernanke to explain why. Last season opened with a healthy QB controversy laced with AFC North division hopes and ended without an offensive TD in the final six games and a cellar view of the Steel City decorating its other thumb. "The Dawg Pound has been chomping at the bit for a championship, but they have been patient," says Steve DiMatteo of Dawg Pound Daily. "It is the fans' greatest virtue, but it is surely being tested." For one thing, Steve and his crew are tired of being fed poor management. They're ready for some front office accountability. Cheaper single-game tickets (average price $54.41, second-lowest in the league) would be a good start. But the cost of mediocrity isn't all that has them barking. "Randy Lerner rushed to hire a head coach [Eric Mangini] that no other team was even interested in interviewing, then let that coach pick his own GM," says Jeff of DPD. "That does not inspire confidence." Ask Bernanke what it means for business when consumer confidence is low.