First and ten questions



1. With Game 5 of the NBA Finals on tap tonight and the series tied at 2-2, LeBron James wrote this tweet at 3 a.m.: "Now or Never!" What do you make of this?

2. Jason Terry called out LeBron James prior to Game 4, and James responded with eight points. DeShawn Stevenson said that James "checked out" in the fourth quarter of Game 4. What do you expect from James tonight?

3. Which team will win Game 5, and why?


4. The Red Sox beat the Yankees again, moving their record to 7-1 against their rivals this season. Is Boston's dominance over New York something or nothing?

5. The CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders got the rights to Terrelle Pryor. Would signing to play in the CFL be a good move or a bad move for Pryor?


6. In the wake of his poor play in The Finals, has LeBron James' performance been inexplicable or indefensible?

7. LeBron James has played every minute of the second half in seven of the last eight games. That's 330 of 336 minutes. No teammate has played more than 284. Is this cause for concern?

8. Four games into the NBA Finals, grade Eric Spoelstra's coaching performance.


9. Charles Barkley appeared on ESPN Radio's Waddle and Silvy show and talked about how much he dislikes the Heat. Does Barkley have a point?

10. On Wednesday, Gilbert Arenas wrote on Twitter that he was fined for comments he made on the social media site. The NBA confirmed this. Last night, Arenas went on a blind date and tweeted throughout, including comments such as "look at this hot mess," and "this dragon can eat." Like it, love it or hate it?