First and ten questions



1. The NBA lockout began at 12:01 this morning after both sides failed to agree on a new collective bargaining agreement. Do you think the entire season will be lost?

2. What impact would the loss of a season have on the NBA?

3. According to the Los Angeles Times, Kobe Bryant underwent an innovative procedure in Germany about a month ago. The treatment is a derivation of platelet-rich therapy. What do you make of this?


4. The Cleveland Cavaliers traded J.J. Hickson for forward Omri Casspi and a future first-round pick. On a scale of 1-10, how shocked are you by this deal?

5. Terrelle Pryor sat down with ESPN analyst Jon Gruden for his QB Camp series. Grade Pryor's performance.


6. The only previous NBA lockout reduced the 1998-99 season to just a 50-game schedule. Would a 50-game season be good or bad for the NBA?

7. Prince Fielder and David Ortiz have been named the first-ever captains of the National League and American League squads for the 2011 State Farm Home Run Derby. Fielder and Ortiz will each determine the other three participants on their teams and will personally extend the invitations. Who would you rather have in the contest, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa or Ken Griffey Jr?

8. MLB rules say that pitchers can't pitch in the All-Star game if they start a game on Sunday which would eliminate Justin Verlander and CC Sabathia. Is this rule fair or foul?


9. Who would win the NL MVP right now, Prince Fielder or Jose Reyes?

10. Who would win the AL MVP right now, Mark Teixeira or Adrian Gonzalez?