No. 120: Charlotte Bobcats

Last year's rank: 66
Title track: 118
Ownership: 118
Coaching: 122
Players: 120
Fan relations: 118
Affordability: 43
Stadium experience: 97
Bang for the buck: 117

What more is there to say? Statistically, the Charlotte Bobcats and their .106 winning percentage were the worst NBA team ever to grace the hardwood. Not surprisingly, Charlotte fell precipitously in every category and ranked in the bottom 5 percent of all professional franchises in seven -- seven! -- of our eight categories. Owner Michael Jordan has a track record as a terrible talent evaluator: Not a single player on the 2012 roster had a PER above 15, the NBA average, and the team ranked dead last in offensive and defensive rating. Tickets are appropriately priced for the product. At $29.27, they're 40 percent cheaper than the league average and third cheapest in the NBA, but no price is cheap enough to compensate for what took place in Charlotte last season: complete franchise-wide ineptitude.