Ultimate bosses


Not every franchise owner sucks. In ESPN The Magazine's Ultimate Standings 2011, these five scored the best in honesty, commitment to their communities and loyalty to core players.

1. Mike Ilitch, Red Wings
Ilitch also owns the Tigers, who finished 16th overall in fan voting.

2. Peter Holt, Spurs

3. Dan Rooney, Steelers

4. Mario Lemieux, Penguins
Lemieux, who rescued the Penguins from bankruptcy in 1999, is the only big-league athlete ever to become majority owner of a team he played for.

5. Shareholders, Packers

The publicly owned team chooses a board, who then elect a president to run the team.

Note: We incorrectly listed Penguins owner Mario Lemieux as No. 5 in our print edition of the 2011 Ultimate Standings. He is ranked No. 4 in our Ownership category.