No. 41: Atlanta Falcons

9/6/2012 - NFL Atlanta Falcons

Last Year's Rank: 20
Title Track: 64
Ownership: 23
Coaching: 37
Players: 53
Fan Relations: 57
Affordability: 57
Stadium Experience: 99
Bang for the Buck: 25

The Georgia Dome, the largest cable-supported dome in the world, is a relic. A 20-year-old relic. (Yes, in the stadium world, such a thing exists.) If the Falcons get their wish, they'll get a new stadium, likely minus the cables, to host Super Bowls, Final Fours and SEC title games, and their current digs, which once upon a time were nice enough for Olympic basketball and gymnastics, will be demolished. For years, Falcons ownership has been negotiating with the Georgia World Congress Center Authority on the dome's billion-dollar replacement. Nothing's imminent -- 2017 is the hopeful completion date -- but it's clear fans are clamoring for nicer environs. In the "have a great stadium" category, the Falcons scored 14 percent lower than the league average, and only 23 teams in the four major pro sports had a worse stadium experience. That's striking data for a franchise that generally keeps its fans pretty happy, with season tickets 12 percent cheaper than the league average and an ownership ranked 23rd overall. Let's hope Matt Ryan and Roddy White make fans forget where they're sitting.