No. 66: Cleveland Indians

Last year's rank: 53
Title track: 108
Ownership: 106
Coaching: 73
Players: 63
Fan relations: 88

Affordability: 36
Stadium experience: 49

Bang for the buck: 31

It's hard to imagine that a team that made the ALCS only five years ago and finished second in its division just last season could earn a triple-digit title track score, but the facts are the facts, and the facts are these: 1) The Cleveland Indians haven't won a World Series since 1948 (the second-longest ringless run in baseball); 2) Cleveland's major pro sports teams have gone 136 consecutive seasons without a title (Seattle is a distant second); and 3) There really is a website called ClevelandSportsTorture.com. In other words, hope does not float on the shores of Lake Erie. Not with an unpopular GM (Chris Antonetti) who stands behind the man with the lowest career winning percentage among active skippers. "[Manny] Acta is a woeful manager," says Indians.com user wahoowest. "Little wonder that he got fired from the Nationals. Is it a coincidence that Washington improved vastly after his departure?" On the bright side (yes, there is a bright side), Tribe fans are grateful for not having to pay too much (affordability, 36) for their heartache: The Indians' average ticket price of $20.42 is the cheapest of Ohio's six major sports franchises, edging out the Reds by seven cents. Hooray for small victories.