No. 70: San Jose Sharks

9/7/2012 - NHL San Jose Sharks

Last year's rank: 13
Title track: 86
Ownership: 31
Coaching: 72
Players: 88
Fan relations: 38
Affordability: 92

Stadium experience: 54
Bang for the buck: 59

Few teams have been as consistently good during the past two decades as the Sharks. They have made the postseason in 15 of the past 20 seasons and were ranked 13th overall in our 2011 poll. It's getting to the next level that's proving difficult for the Sharks and frustrating for a fan base tired of the annual disappointment, as the team fell 57 spots to 70th, ranking San Jose 19th in the NHL. After a strong coaching rank in 2011, 28th overall, Todd McLellan fell to 72nd, caused by the Sharks' scoring fewer points in four consecutive seasons. And although the average ticket price ($49.73) is 13 percent less expensive than the NHL average, the team's bang for the buck came in 59th, a 40-spot drop from 2011. It's simple: This is a team known for regular-season success and postseason failure. Competing in the Pacific isn't good enough anymore.