No. 82: New York Yankees

Last year's rank: 75
Title track: 5
Ownership: 36
Coaching: 61
Players: 48
Fan relations: 49
Affordability: 119
Stadium experience: 47
Bang for the buck: 107

No amount of money or free agent signings can get the New York Yankees into the upper echelon of the franchise rankings. To have a chance, they'd no doubt have to reduce their ticket price from an average of $51.55. In MLB, only the Red Sox are higher. And if you don't take public transportation to Yankee Stadium, you'll also be out $35 for parking, highest in the majors. A souvenir hat will set you back $25 (yep, you guessed it ... highest in the majors.) Still, there's no questioning the Yankees' success. Most of the team's fans have seen the Yanks win five championships and figure to see many more. The team has missed the playoffs only once since 1995 and should be a contender for the foreseeable future. The players rating of 48 is a bit surprising considering the roster is loaded with All-Stars and future Hall of Famers, but this fan base likely won't be satisfied until it has an All-Star at every position. For an average cost of $80.22 per game (all things included), such demands are understandable.