EDITOR'S NOTE: "24 College Avenue" is a new fictional series describing the lives of 11 college students sharing a filthy old Victorian house near the campus of State College. The series will run on Page 2 three times a week throughout the school year. If you've missed a chapter, don't worry. You can catch up here in our archive of installments.

Chapter 1: The Panty Raid
As another school year is about to begin, the residents of 24 College Avenue throw a fetish costume party that takes a violent turn when Nicollette Mayle sees that Gary, one of her male housemates, has dressed up in her underwear.

Chapter 2: Burning Down the House
The party breaks up when a fire starts during a fight between Nicollette and Gary. Unfortunately, the landlord is driving by, stops to investigate and threatens to evict all the residents. The mysterious, smooth-talking, 57-year-old John Higgins saves the day, but Gary is kicked out.

Want to know more about Cheryl, Jill, Josh and the rest of the '24 College Avenue' residents? Step inside for a multimedia meet 'n greet, and get a room-by-room guided tour of the house and the State College campus.

Chapter 3: Virtual Tour
Josh Williams tours the house with Jenn Robbins to see if he's interested in taking Gary's old room, and is given a rundown on all the residents. The house is filthy.

Chapter 4: The Bear
Kenan meets with football coach Red Kodyak, who tells him that he's starting against Michigan because All-America linebacker Dennis Whitehall ripped up his knee. We learn that the alumni are trying to get rid of Kodyak, an aging legend, but that he wants to go out on his own terms by playing in a BCS bowl.

Chapter 5: Blueberry Pancakes
Josh Williams spends his first night at 24 College Avenue, and wakes up to breakfast orders from his new housemates . . . not to mention Nicollette's morning workout.

Chapter 6: Ouch!
Kenan has his toenail torn off in the big game and feels completely overmatched as a player.

Chapter 7: Maxim on Campus
Steve Hamilton meets with his editor at the Daily. He learns that a research student is missing. He also sees finds out that Nicollette Mayle has posed in her underwear in Maxim magazine.

Chapter 8: The Juice
Kenan is quietly encouraged by an assistant coach to meet with a woman who convinces him to start a "Program" of performance enhancers. There is a discussion about the risks/rewards of performance-enhancers, and they are presented as being largely beneficial, if not downright necessary.

Chapter 9: The Student Body
Nicollette is called in to meet athletic director Hudson Bay, a selfish bureaucrat who cares only about revenue sports. He informs her that her scholarship is being taken away because of the Maxim photos.

Chapter 10: Big Woman on Campus
Nicollette defends herself and saves her scholarship by saying that she posed to help make women athletes seem sexy, just like male athletes such as Derek Jeter. She also hints that there would be a sexual harassment lawsuit if she loses her scholarship over the pictures while the school hypes its scantily clad cheerleaders.

Chapter 11: La Vie en Rouge
We meet Jenn Robbins and learn about her passion for being the school mascot. She meets a new boy, Carter, at the coffee shop.

Chapter 12: Tailgate Party
Josh gets very drunk at the house tailgate party before a game. He has a run-in with the foppish boosters, Monty and Clinton, over whether he can use the portable toilet in the Grove, the section reserved for the richest alumni. He winds up vomiting on them.

Chapter 13: May Have Side Effects
Kenan goes through a series of tests as part of going on the Program. He continues to worry about whether the use of performance-enhancers is cheating.

Chapter 14: Medici's Court
We meet Jimmy Medici, the school's ultra-successful basketball coach who is only out for No. 1. We learn that he and Kodyak are rivals, and that students camp outside the gym during the winter to be in line for tickets.

Chapter 15: Midnight Madness
As the Red Devils' mascot, Jenn Robbins warms up the crowd -- literally -- with a fiery entrance at a school pep rally to open the start of basketball practices. And for once in her life, at least, she is too hot to handle.

Chapter 16: Dog Playing Poker
Danny loses more money playing online poker before finally getting a can't-miss hand. And then the wireless cuts out just before he can cash in. His housemates are as disgusted as he is -- they've loaned him a lot of money.

Chapter 17: Help Wanted -- Female
Nicollette learns that her bank balance is even less than she thought. How can she get by? Over pizza with Josh (who considers it a first date or at least a first something), she finds a possible solution in The Daily classifieds. An infertile couple is looking to buy an egg.

Chapter 18: Duty, Honor, College ...
Katie is anxious while carrying the flag onto the field for the national anthem. She's worried about getting sent to war after graduation, as well as the lack of real patriotic sacrifice by most citizens. She takes out her emotions on a streaker during the Star Spangled Banner.

Chapter 19: All Her Eggs in One Basket
Jenn Robbins confides in her housemate, Cheryl Bellamy, about the sad state of her love life. Nicollette bends Cheryl's ear as well about her quandary over whether to try to earn some money by donating her eggs to an infertile couple. Turns out Nicollette isn't the only resident of 24 College Avenue wrestling with that decision.

Chapter 20: International Man of Mystery
The mystery surrounding John Higgins, the 57-year-old man living on the third floor, grows a little more mysterious when we learn that he is filing weekly reports on his housemates … but to whom?

Chapter 21: Blood and Muscle
Josh meets with his history professor, Malcolm Everett, and learns that he's in danger of flunking his course on "Secret Societies in World History." Everett tells Josh about Blood and Muscle, the powerful secret society at State College, and offers him a chance to save his grade by doing a report on a very rare book, "The Ancient Plan of Blood and Muscle." Everett loans Josh one of the three known copies of the book.

Chapter 22: Vampire
Kenan alarms himself with a sudden fit of violence during practice. In another indication coach Red Kodyak may be growing senile, he has a flashback to when vampires came to his Yugoslavian village years ago.

Chapter 23: Blue Moon
The housemates share drinks at the popular college hangout, The Blue Moon Pub. Cheryl and Kenan leave together at the end of the night. A very drunk Josh leaves only after encountering the two fops from the tailgate party -- and leaving his impression on them once again.

Chapter 24: Homecoming I
State College's most famous alumnus, the President of the United States, visits to speak at the annual Homecoming rally. He reminisces about his days as Sparky. Jenn's Sparky costume catches fire again during the bonfire, sending the Secret Service into action to protect the President.

Chapter 25: Homecoming II
The President attends the Homecoming game, and cheers with everyone else when Kenan comes up big with a game-saving hit as time runs out. But what is that ring the President is wearing?

Chapter 26: Labor Pains
Nicollette endures an exhausting physical and mental examination -- a virtual scouting combine for egg donors -- as part of the selection process for selling her eggs to an infertile couple.

Chapter 27: She Devil
Jill, the State women's basketball team PG, is angered by the benefits her boyfriend, star forward Dwayne Patterson, gets on the men's basketball team.

Chapter 28: Bad News at the Door
Two thugs come threatening Danny, who is apparently far behind in his payments for his gambling debts. They find Cheryl instead. Kenan comes to her rescue and drives the thugs away.

Chapter 29: Stood Up
Nicollette stands up Josh on a lunch date. Or does she? After waiting several hours, not even Josh is sure. All he knows is he has a lot of reading to do on Blood and Muscle.

Chapter 30: The Big Game
Kenan has another big game as State College upsets the top-ranked team in the country, on a stormy afternoon that will be fondly remembered for years by all who were there -- including Josh, Nicollette and Cheryl.

Chapter 31: Meet the Parents
Nicollette meets Darcy and Elizabeth Huntington, the infertile couple looking for egg donation. They hit it off, and Nicollette learns she has been selected and will receive $7,500 as long as she tells no one of the arrangement.

Chapter 32: Just a Few Questions
Now that Kenan is doing so well, every reporter wants to learn more about him. Which is what worries Kenan.

Chapter 33: The Clarence of Luxor
With a victory over Tech, the Red Devils would become a candidate for a big bowl and perhaps the national championship game. But first they must get rid of the Clarence of Luxor, the trophy given to the loser of the annual Tech-State College game that coach Red Kodyak considers cursed.

Chapter 34: Busted
Cheryl and Kenan argue after she discovers that he is taking a performance enhancer, a.k.a. "The Program." She leaves his bedroom in anger.

Chapter 35: Tech Problems
Tech dashes State College's national championship hopes with a huge upset. Kenan, still upset with Cheryl about their argument, plays poorly. Danny, who bet big on State, packs his bags and departs the house.

Chapter 36: Finals Week
Josh puts off his paper on Blood and Muscle as the house buckles down for Finals Week.

Chapter 37: Brain Cramps
Dwayne Patterson desperately needs Jill's help with a term paper, or he's in deep trouble.

Chapter 38: Bad Santa
Still upset about the Tech loss, Kenan suffers through an afternoon playing Santa for charity, despite Nicollette's help. And just when things can't get worse, he is surprised by Journal-American reporter George Reid, who wants to know about "The Program."

Chapter 39: Term Limits
With a lot of coffee and very little sleep, Josh finally finishes his paper on Blood and Muscle. And then he realizes that he misplaced the rare book while he was printing his paper. He rushes to the print shop, but is too late. The book is gone.

Chapter 40: Aloha
Jenn gets a severe sunburn after passing out by the pool at the Maui Sunscreen Kwanzaa Bowl. More painful is State's loss in the bowl game. Kenan plays poorly again and limps off the field with a torn PCL.

Chapter 41: Merry Christmas
Compared to the end-of-summer bash, the house Christmas party is a subdued affair. Cheryl misses Kenan, who is still at the bowl game. Katie worries that Danny is missing. Josh gives Nicollette a Christmas present, but Nicollette receives something much more meaningful.

Chapter 42: Greetings from Jimmy City
Josh gets a tip that a copy of "Blood and Muscle" is on sale at a used book store. Unfortunately, he has to risk his basketball season tickets to get it.

Chapter 43: First Date
Nicollette had quite an eventful fall term at State College. But now she's got an interesting new man in her life.

Chapter 44: Go to Hell!
State College is forced to abandon its Red Devil mascot, which causes major problems on campus -- and inside 24 College Ave.

Chapter 45: Beer Pong
A friendly game of beer pong between Josh and Kenan turns ugly when the topic of steroids comes up.

Chapter 46: The Man Who Knows Too Much
Jenn takes out her anger about the mascot change on a heckler, while Nicollette has a scary encounter with a fan after a track meet.

Chapter 47: To Catch a Thief
Josh begs for mercy when he meets with his professor, while Jenn begs to keep her job as mascot.

Chapter 48: Where No One Can Hear You Scream
Jill has a really bad day, between her boyfriend flirting with another girl and a rough game against City University.

Chapter 49: Roid Devils
"The Program" blows up at State College -- linebacker Kenan Hill loses his scholarship, and legendary coach Red Kodyak loses his job.

Chapter 50: The Medici Court
Jenn dukes it out with a couple mascots, while Nicollette learns what her donated eggs are really being used for.

Chapter 51: Send In the Clones
Nicollette learns more about how she is being cloned, while Josh and Prof. Everett get closer to Blood and Muscle.

Chapter 52: Heavy Weather
The housemates all find their way to an old fallout shelter, where they discover who is the secret leader of Blood and Muscle.

Chapter 53: Climax
Most of the housemates are captured by Blood and Muscle, but Higgins, Jill and Cheryl come to the rescue.

Chapter 54: Moving Day
In the 24 College Ave. finale on Page 2, the housemates pack up and prepare to go their separate ways.

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