May 28, 2004
Kobe Bryant:
It wasn't the game-high 31 points. It wasn't even the ridiculous 18-point third-quarter barrage. It was that s-i-c-k reverse layup.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

"You cannot be down 3-1 to the Lakers ... In my book, there's no tomorrow." -- Kevin Garnett (quoted in Friday's Wash. Post).

Hasn't KG watched TV recently? Has he missed the ubiquitous promotions for "The Day After Tomorrow," cinema's hopeful romantic comedy... about environmental apocalypse?

In fact, the next couple of days show that KG's fears are oversimplified, but not without merit (kind of like the eco-science of the movie):

Saturday: Comfortably ahead (say, 3-1), the Lakers turn into a different team; with no sense of urgency, expect L.A. to sleep-walk through Game 5, while KG and Co play with desperation.

Day after tomorrow:
Sunday: Lakers return to LA, motivated enough.

Day after day after tomorrow:
Monday: The Lakers know drama; they would rather close out the series at home on a national holiday anyway.

So it's Tuesday -- the day after they are booted from the playoffs -- that the T'wolves have to dread.

KG Deserved Calls
"Seems like we were playing against eight tonight," the NBA's MVP said. That won't help Kevin Garnett's cause with the refs. But it can't get much worse, anyway.

KG did everything critics said he should to get foul calls -- taking the ball to the rack, rather than settling for jumpers. And the refs STILL didn't give him the calls! What a joke.

Pistons-Pacers G4/G5
Swiping from the playbook of my friends over at "PTI," what do you think the over-under is on the number of points scored by Detroit and Indiana combined over the next two games? See today's poll (below, right) to weigh in.

Indy 500
There's talk of interest in pushing back the 11 a.m. ET start time of the Indy 500 (on ABC), but then we'd lose the traditional cramming of pre-race spectacle. Check out this itinerary:

Shaq: 19 pts, 19 reb; Shaq is why Kobe is Kobe, people
Maria Kirilenko: Next Anna? Takes Serena to three sets
Curt Super-Schilling: NOW he's helping cops fight crime?
Sam Cassell: Limited to 5 min (back); no shot w/o him
Dodgers: Lose series in Milwaukee; have lost 11 of 13
Eddie George to Dallas: Nice idea, but will never happen
11 a.m.: Cars warm up engines

11:36: Florence Henderson(!)
sings America the Beautiful

11:40: Jessica Simpson(!)
sings the National Anthem

11:49: Jim Nabors(!) sings
Back Home Again in Indiana

(Henderson? Simpson? Nabors? How is everyone not watching this?!)

11:51: The traditional phrase,
Gentlemen, start your engines!

Tampa Ties Cup Up
The Lightning beat the Flames at their own game -- hard work and more than a little Western Canada, Wolverine-style intensity.

A bit off topic, but relevant:
Shaq keeps comparing himself to a football player, but if he gave the Stanley Cup a chance, he might really see the more appropriate analogy to hockey toughness.

Scott to Hornets
So much for that rumor that new Hornets coach Byron Scott was going to take over the Lakers after Phil Jackson quits following his 10th title three weeks from now. What a break for Jerry Buss that Tim Floyd is still available!

NASCAR in New York?
Is NASCAR eyeing NYC? Discussions over building a track on Staten Island leads today's NY Times "Metro" section. Many think getting into NY is NASCAR's real tipping point...

...But that's just East Coast Bias: New Yorkers don't have the fascination with driving that is at the root of NASCAR's appeal in just about every other market.

MLB Extrapo-wards
Well, now that we're at the end of this very special, very premature awards week, why should they even bother playing the last 120-ish games?

Today: Manager:
AL: Buck Showalter
Runners-up: Guillen, Francona

NL: Dave Miley
Runners-up: Bochy, Tracy

Plus: Extrapolated playoffs

NLDS: SDP d. FLA; Cubs d. PHI
NLCS: Cubs d. SDP
W.S.: Cubs d. BOS

LA/MIN refs:
At first, I thought maybe they were just too stunned by KG's assertiveness to blow their whistle, but -- no -- they just blew it, period.
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MLB top weekend series: Possible playoff preview -- Anaheim at Chicago; Angels coming off being swept by the Blue Jays...

Colorado P.S. p.r.: How can anyone use words like "reform" or "overhaul" or "action" when no one loses their job?...

Apparently, the Magic getting the No. 1 pick doesn't mean squat to T-Mac; all the more reason to bundle him and the pick outta town...

Walk Bonds at your own risk: Arizona gave Barry a free pass in the 10th (3rd of the game), and he promptly scored the winning run...

Yes, there WILL be a new Quickie edition on Monday, even if you won't be at work. Yet another reason to bookmark this page...

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