September 28, 2004
D.C. Expos:
Announcement of relocation to come as early as Thursday, but it's never too early to start the campaign: Re-name them "Senators."
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The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Welcome to the league, rookie Hall of Famer.

Week 3. MNF. Nemesis. Loss. More than a decade away from the game, and Joe Gibbs still can't solve Bill Parcells, who delivered his rival a 7th straight loss.

It's not like the Cowboys are that good, either. The Redskins' rebuilding project is simply going slower than the Gibbs-is-god group had assumed it would.

Parcells had a woeful Dallas franchise in the playoffs in Year 1. Gibbs has earned the cred to deflect criticism.

For now. But MNF coaching comparisons are nothing, compared to the bottom-line scrutiny Gibbs will face after Week 17, when Washington is home for the holidays.

AL West
Angels 1 GB A's: Call the Angels' 5-3 W over Texas a karma payoff for booting clubhouse dud Jose Guillen (without pay).

But what happens when Guillen's appeal of the suspension is upheld and he's reinstated? Does the team say, "Here's your check. Don't bother showing up?" (And when do we get to hear the gory behavioral details that no one will talk about? Go ahead, shock us!)

As for the Rangers? 3 GB Oakland, and I'm declaring them Texas toast.

NL West
The Giants' idle hands became the Dodgers' workplace. LA beat Colorado to slide an extra, canyon-like half-game up on the Giants, who starts a penultimate series with San Diego today. Giants are 3 GB -- with only 6 to play.

Bonds and 'Roids
Revealed he took a random steroid test Friday. Why did he

Vegas Brewers? New Milwaukee owner should relocate ASAP
Ichiro Watch: 1 H Mon; needs for record: 6; games to go: 6
Diana Taurasi: WNBA Rookie of Year was a LeBron-like lock
Padres: Playoff hopes all but done (but can play spoiler)
Jamal Mashburn: Out for the season (wasn't happy anyway?)
Chris "Pipp" Rix: Wyatt Sexton named FSU starter; new era
tell? He seems to sincerely crave to bolster his image on this subject. But it won't really help: Even if he passes, the abusive, absurd critics will still gripe about previous seasons.

NFL Injuries
The worst is Rex Grossman. The Bears' sophomore QB, out for the season (knee), shouldered huge expectations this season, and even if he didn't win, he was supposed to get the experience to build on for future seasons. Jon Quinn will start, but if I were the Bears, I'd start rookie Craig Krenzel.

NL Cy Young
It's a taut race ... for second, behind Roger Clemens! My runner-up NL Cy vote is linked to overall team success. It's down to Roy Oswalt (who beat STL last night for his 19th W) and Jason Schmidt (who pitches tonight for his 17th). Whichever one of their teams makes the playoffs, give that guy second. (If neither do, presumably the Cubs have held on, so give 2nd to, say, Zambrano.)

Election 2004
Check out today's Purist platform speech, all part of Page 2's Election 2004 coverage of the race between sports' Purists and Progressives.

Want to find your own "sports president" name? Like the classic "find your porn star name" formula, here's how you do it:

First Name: Favorite historical baseball figure nickname (i.e., Mookie, Big Unit, Happy, etc.)

Last Name: Any pro stadium name (i.e., Camden, Wrigley, Comerica, etc.) Example: "Lefty Lambeau"

Will the emerging group protesting how NASCAR interacts with minorities find traction? It *is* the league's unseemly underbelly. Tracking ...
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Page 2: Race for SportsNation President
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Gammons: Final-week issues
NFL Injury Watch
Rex Grossman, CHI
Keep studying tape, kid
Jon Ritchie, PHI
FB more pain to run game
Charlie Garner, TB
So Bucs stink even worse
Ben Taylor, CLE
Injuries piling up
Rich Gannon, OAK
But Kerry seems ready

Red Sox clinch wild card. Does it even matter that it's not a division title? Next stop: ALCS vs. Yanks (do we REALLY have to play that pesky ALDS?) ...

Fan who caught Bonds' 700 ball is being sued: Like this comes as a surprise to anyone? ...

More injuries: McNair is questionable for Week 4. Isn't that the status that always means he's guaranteed to not just play, but win? ...

A's announce that Mark Mulder will start Friday series opener vs. Anaheim. He's 0-3 with 7.71 ERA in last six starts. Yikes ...

Bob Knight wants to give the NCAA rulebook the "chair" treatment: "This thing needs to be thrown out. ... We need to start again." ...

New show debuts on ESPN tonight (10 pm): "I'd Do Anything," where fans try, well, *anything* to make sports dreams a reality ...

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