December 31, 2004
Red Sox Nation:
Yes, I may have called you "arrogant." Yes, you may have all jumped off the b'wagon when the Sox were down 0-3 in the ALCS. But 2004 was your year. QUICKIE LIVE! 9-10 a.m.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

After 250-something daily editions, I hope you left room for a list-heavy "Year in Review" edition, including the "Quickie 10" from 2004:

Top 10 Most Intriguing Names:
Only one-name wonders need apply
10. Clarett
9. Adu
8. Peyton
7. LeBron
6. Phelps
5. Conte
4. T.O.
2. Schilling
1. Janet

Top 10 Headlines
Top 10 Most Intriguing News:
You say "It's the new black!";
We say, "It's the new poker!"

10. Pistons: Shock the Lakers
9. Lance: Tour de Finale?
8. BCS: Poll tilts (again)
7. Pats win: Yes, a dynasty
6. Tillman falls: We weep
5. Olympics: Swim, gym. rule
4. Kobe Trial: Then, despised
3. R-rated TV: Swearing, boobs
2. 'Roid rage: It's that bad
1. Sox: Best. Comeback. Ever.

And in 2005 ...
Sneak peek at the Quickie's
biggest stories for next year:

5. The new Finch: Anna Benson
Sports fans' new top hottie

4. Mike Williams: Drafted!
2005 NFL Rookie of the Year.

3. Steroids: Crackdown?
MLB, union need a new plan

2. BoSox vs. Yanks: Cont'd ...
ALCS G7: Unit vs. Schilling?

1. Bonds: Eclipses the Babe!
Biggest. Controversy. Ever.

All guaranteed to happen, naturally.

Five-second delays: Expect to see them standardized in '05
Vijay: The new Tiger? Well, not with THAT personality ...
Adrian Peterson: 2005 Heisman is Oklahoma RB's to lose
Olympic athletes: Back under the radar until Beijing 2008
Maurice Clarett: Enjoy that 2005 NFL Draft ... 4th round!
Lance: If no TdF title defense in '05, expect he'll fade
Tough Acts
Five athletes who will have a tough act to follow in 2005:

"Big Ben" Roethlisberger
Esp. if Steelers don't win SB

Unbeaten, BCS-worthy Utah
May win Fiesta ... then what?

UConn hoops
Double-title repeat?

AL Cy winner Johan Santana
MLB's most dominating pitcher

Peyton Manning:
How to top best season ever?

Earned a Break
Five whose 2004 accomplishments mean they won't have to deal with critics' griping ever again:

Phil Mickelson
Green Jacket his to keep.

Drew Brees and Antonio Gates
Who knew?!

George Sisler
Posthumously, thanks to Ichiro

International hoops
Totally waxed U.S. Olympians.

Manny Ramirez
Just flash that ring, kid.

Something to Prove
Five who need to show something in 2005:

Eli Manning and Philip Rivers:
Cautionary tales about griping!

Carlos Beltran
Justify those nine figures.

Big East
G'bye, B.C.; hello, L'ville!

Andy Roddick
Let's see some Slam titles.

Derek Jeter
Better bring that title back.

The sorriest part is that they could skip all of 2005, too, and most fans would care about as much as they do at the end of 2004 (That is: Don't.)
Today on
Quickie Live!
Page 2: Best of 2004
Caple's 2004 Sports Quiz
Top 5 Non-Sports Pop Culture Phenomena of 2004
Like the Quickie (only no editors!)
Desperate Housewives
Thank you, Monday Night FB!
Makes me wanna say: YEEEAHH!!
Dean scream
Was that really this year?
Controversial movies
Including "Passion," "F-9/11"

Lingering questions from 2004, heading into the new year:

Will Ricky Williams make a comeback for new Dolphins coach Nick Saban?

Have we seen the best the Williams sisters have to offer?

How much better can LeBron James get?

Will a major sports league finally make the leap to Las Vegas?

Huge thanks to: Larry Johnson, David Schoenfield, Michael Knisley, Michael Philbrick, Kevin Jackson, new Mrs. Shanoff ...

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