May 12, 2005
Jeff Foster:
14 points, 20 rebounds: Pacers find the unlikely interior presence to neutralize Big Ben and steal home-court advantage from the defending champs.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

So the Suns finally learned what people meant by "playoff basketball."

The Mavs showed the way to stop the Suns is to get a little more "Bad Boy" on them and rough them up, in the process swiping home advantage.

Don't think the rest of the league didn't sit up and take notice, because the lingering question heading into the playoffs was whether Phoenix could stand the little-H heat of May's traditional defensive intensity.

(Spurs fans have to be paying a lot closer attention.)

The injury to ironman swingman Joe Johnson compounds the problem: Suddenly, the unsolvable starting five makes way for "where's the depth?"

Johnson is out for Game 3 -- and maybe (even likely) more.

A playoff round that 48 hours ago looked closer to broomball than basketball is suddenly as wide open as the Suns' offense used to be.

Pacers "Maybes"
Maybe Jeff Foster just played the best game of his career, a one-time event. Or maybe the battle- and brawl-tested Pacers have no fear of the defending champs.

Maybe Game 1 (not Game 2) was the fluke, Indiana exhausted after the seven-game series with Boston. And maybe this series will live up to the hype after all.

NBA Tonight
So much for "4 Sweeps," but still holding out for 2/4, even as the Spurs and Heat face their toughest challenge: That first away game.

Don't expect a problem: Not with the underdogs' injuries, particularly the Wizards' frontcourt (Thomas is out, Jamison hobbling, Kwame... well, still Kwame.)

Quickie "16-0" 4-Sweep Watch:
Current: 6-2 (Sweeps left: 2)

D-Train Rules
NL's best pitcher? You can have Clemens; I'll take Dontrelle Willis, who won his MLB-leading 7th with yet another gem (1 R, 8 IP).

Selig's tougher roid-test plan: Owners unanimously approve
"World Baseball Classic": Will be sport's highlight of '06
The Whizzinator: Frankly, it doesn't sound too pleasant...
Scott Rolen: Cards 3B to head to 15-day DL (shoulder)
Saints in New Orleans: Moving to SanAnt? Albuq? LA?
Rice: Defending Indy 500 champ wrecks in Wed workout
He's won all of his starts (take that, Rocket); he's got a 1.08 ERA (Clemens: 1.10); and he has the most telegenic style in baseball.

Tino vs. Giambi
Jason looks like even more of a schmuck when compared to Old Man Tino, Giambi's wildly popular bargain-basement replacement at 1B.

Martinez hit a HR in his 5th straight game, not coincidentally the Yankees' 5th straight win.

The New York crowd is chanting "Ti-no!" in between debates over the merits of Giambi going to AAA Columbus.

McNabb on T.O.
"If he plays or not, we definitely have a chance of making it to the Super Bowl and winning it," McNabb said about TO.

Oh, THAT isn't going to get overhyped as part of the new "McNabb-TO" feud... But McNabb must have known what he was doing when he said it.

Meanwhile, the NFL stripped the Eagles of a week of offseason workouts because of some unnamed training violation. Philly's falling apart...

Phil Jackson Watch
Interested in the Kings? That's the float in today's NY Post. If he loves the bright lights of big cities, then why consider Sacto?

They've got one of the best GMs; the Kings' Princeton O could easily be "trianglized"; and the owner Maloofs seem like a fun Mark Cuban.

The downside is an uninspiring roster that won't have any of the teams at the top of the contender list (West or otherwise) particularly nervous.

Maxim Hot 100
Spoiler Alert! Eva Longoria is No 1 on the mag's list, which comes out later this month.

Today's cubicle debate: Would you rather be Steve Nash and win an NBA MVP or be Tony Parker and be her boyfriend?

Other notable sports names: Kournikova (29), McMichael (93), Finch (96). (Nope, no Anna Benson.)

So much for the "Gold." Fans hated the new nickname so much that it lasted all of a week; now they'll hold an internet vote to pick a NEW one.
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The Red Sox and A's have one of the best "new rivalries" in baseball. Last two nights? Not much of a rivalry: 2nd walk-off HR W in row for BOS.

Royals Watch: New manager, old results. Bob Schaefer gets the "Pena treatment" in his debut, a depressing 12-9 loss to Toronto.

NFL Notes: Browns won't cut Winslow, but may look at ex-Raven LB Boulware; are the Lions sweet on Ty Law?

How cool are the "Galactic Council" sneaker ads with Dwyane Wade, Dr. J, Grandmama and comic-book characters?

Congress/Roid Watch: The NBA is up next, and if you want to see smooth delivery, no one is better than the next witness: David Stern.

Freddy Adu's future: Says he wants to play in the English Premier League within the next three years, eyeing Man U or Chelsea.

Bud Selig correctly noted that cheating itself is not steroids' biggest effect on baseball, but the effect on the game's integrity with fans.

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