August 3, 2005
Chris Carpenter:
Okay, okay, we get it: He's the top ace in the NL. Earns 16th W out-pitching the struggling D-Train and limiting Florida to 3 hits in a 109-pitch CG.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Word of the Day: Stanozolol

That's the steroid Rafael Palmeiro was reportedly busted for taking (via NY Times).

It's also not something you pick up at the local GNC, along with your energy snacks.

As a result, this latest twist doesn't help clarify Raffy's insta-famous "intentions."

If stanozolol (previously most associated with disgraced Ben Johnson) doesn't come in diet supplements, it eats away at Palmeiro's story.

Further compacting his problems, he reportedly has known about the test result since May, but kept it quiet, even from teammates.

As always, it's not the crime, it's the cover-up. With the chance to get in front of this months ago, he swung and missed.

Aside from his prepared statement Monday, Palmeiro has let the story run wild away from him, with no further response.

MLB is busy defending its policies. The media is in a pig pile to topple him. Fans are wearying of the spectacle already, but wary of his story.

Before this new Word of the Day is repeated too many more times, Palmeiro simply must deliver a few more words of his own: Explanation.

NBA Mega-Trade
Largest. Trade. Ever. 5 teams, 13 players. Let's simplify: Antoine Walker and Jason Williams will join Shaq and Dwyane in Miami.

They'll be fine for 82 games, but no team with a 3-point gunner like Walker or a 4th-quarter gawker like Williams can win a conference title.

(However, the Heat's 5-year, $100 million deal for Shaq? Next to drafting Wade, that's the smartest move made in franchise history.)

But don't get snowed by people throwing around that "Ever" superlative. The names involved read like a Who's Who of Negligible Impact:

Posey, Emmett, Ostertag, Borchardt, Woods, R. Butler, Snyder, Lopez, Eddie Jones and two unknown players from Spain.

Richard Seymour: Pats star DL holdout gets revised deal
Adidas: Will buy rival Reebok to create shoe super-company
NCAA vs. NIT over March tournaments: Court battle of 2005!
Bernie Williams: Yankees don't exercise 2006 deal option
Marquis Grissom: Designated for assignment by the Giants
Gund Arena: Cavs sell name to Quicken Loans ("The Q?")
T.O.: No Budging
The Eagles aren't budging. Neither is T.O., unless "budging" means "shooting 3-pointers on a pickup court in front of the media."

Something's got to give. If the Eagles hold out, it's Owens' holdout that will crumble first. Every day nothing happens is in Philly's favor.

But it just might be an empty victory for the team when it breaks him, if a disgruntled T.O. is the result.

MLB Tues. Wrap
Manny being Manny: 3-run HR, 4 RBI in Boston's W over KC. Note the sudden lack of griping about him from Red Sox Nation.

Nats being Nats: Yet another 1-run loss. If anything, it justifies the 1st-half skepticism over DC's Pythagorean record.

A's being A's: Beat Twins to win their 6th in a row (16-3 since All-Star break). WP Danny Haren is 8-0 in his last 13 starts.

Chipper being Chipper: In standard effort, hits a HR and has 4 RBI before leaving the game with some type of injury (wrist).

Rocket being Rocket: The day before his 43rd b-day, Clemens reached the 10-win mark for the 19th time in his 22 seasons, on 4 H in 7 IP.

Pac-10 Media Day
The Trojans' only question: Does 2.5 titles in a row round up to a three-peat?

The Pac-10 is USC, then everyone else. The Trojans' real comp is the one or two other teams nationally that might go unbeaten.

Meanwhile, the league has a lock on the Heisman if USC QB Matt Leinart even sniffs the numbers (or record) he had last year.

Quickie 50/50: NV
Impressions of Nevada:

Sports gambling: For many, it's the raison d'etre.

UNLV hoops: 1990 squad was arguably best college hoops team of ESPN Era. '91 team that lost to Duke in FF shrouded in conspiracy theory.

Needs major pro team: Which league will be the first to reap the haul? (NBA is going All-Star there in '07; prelude to Vegas Bucks?)

Vote Best of Nevada here!

Ryan Franklin:
And yet, in many ways, the Mariners P couldn't have picked a better time to get busted for 'roid use. Compared to Raffy, he's a nobody.
Today on
Quickie live!
Raffy: Vote!
P2: Sports Sin
Ranking Players in "Largest" NBA Deal
Jason Williams
Top 5 in jersey sales?
Antoine Walker
But he shoots too much
Eddie Jones
West must see something
Rasual Butler
New life in Big Easy?
Greg Ostertag
Adds bulk to Jazz post

Ricky Watch: Williams offers not just rules for running backs, but rules for life: "I am just trying to move forward and not go backwards."

Kudos to Insider Jerry Crasnick for legwork to get the data on HOF voters knee-jerk flip-flopping on Raffy. His survey results are a must-read.

The odd thing isn't Deion being tested weekly for 'roids last year; it's that the NFL has no system in place to monitor players not in the league.

NHL signings are coming fast and furiously (which is how the league better play this season). The most notable: Yzerman re-signs with Detroit.

Thanks to all readers who submitted "sports love" stories on Tuesday. Got a ton of submissions. Look for a selection of them later on Page 2.

Last word on Raffy: When Jason Giambi is extending sympathy, you know you've got a PR problem.

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