August 18, 2005
Terrell Owens:
Maybe he reads the Daily Quickie, which endorsed a "silent treatment" strategy yesterday for his return. Only real gripes coming from the media.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

I'm calling it early:

The Yankees are finished.

They won't win the wild card.
They'll miss the AL playoffs.
Prepare for the cataclysm.
(Or, alternatively: Laugh.)

How can I be so sure? Simple:

The Yankees still have six more games vs. the D-Rays.

Last night's 6-5 loss, bungled on an 8th-inning combo of E-4, wild pitch and typically saggy relief, was the Yankees' 9th in 13 games vs. Tampa.

In a taut AL wild-card race, the Devil dominance over New York will come back to haunt the Yankees when they finish just short.

Over their last 43 games, the Yankees will be lucky to win half. Keep your eye on the brutal 15-game stretch starting Labor Day weekend, at Oakland.

Then it's nemesis Tampa (love writing that), checkered with Boston and suddenly surging Toronto.

After the Yankees' dynastic decade, it's so thrilling to write them off.

Come on: Join in. It's easy.

Wild Card Watch
AL: While OAK, NYY and CLE all lost, totally underrated Toronto quietly won its 7th in 9 to move within 4 of the AL WC lead.

NL: Eclipsed by T.O., the Phillies have managed to climb into a tie with the Astros for the lead. Closely follow Rocket's start tonight.

NFL Pre: Saints/Pats
Who else likes Tom Brady *way* more now that he has humanized himself as an everyman type in GQ than when he was a "golden boy."

Blue Jays: Won 7th in last 9 to move w/in 4 of AL WC lead
D. Willis: MLB-leading 5th shutout, MLB lead-tying 6th CG
J. Francoeur: Still smoking! HR, 3B, yet another OF assist
White Sox: Lose 5th straight, handcuffed by Johan (10 Ks)
N. Garciaparra: Typical -- hits HR, then exits game (back)
M. Piazza: Spoils Beltran's return with mildly broken hand
"It is what it is" should go on a T-shirt, the next great sports catchphrase. (Hmm: Perhaps the Daily Quickie motto?)

NFL Rookies Sign
Titans have Pacman fever: And the wait drove so many fans crazy. (Sorry, that was painful -- sort of how Jones' treatment from ticked off Titans vets will be.)

Bengals ink LB Pollack: The view from the dregs of the Cincy depth chart finally must have been scary enough that he decided to begin his pro career.

That leaves Cedric Benson (Bears RB) as the final 2005 first-round holdout. Maybe he thinks the injury to Grossman is leverage; the rest of us just think he's a dope regardless.

Great reaction from fans, off of yesterday's Quickie item asking how the NCAA can integrate the NIT into March Madness.

The best idea? Use the NIT to determine the last 4 at-large NCAA bids. Call it the "Big Bubble." Real stakes would make the NIT real relevant.

Woods Skips PGA
Why did this come out Wednesday, rather than on Sunday night? This is golf's non-story of the year. Tiger took a risk by leaving the PGA early, and his judgment is acquitted by hindsight. ("What if?" Zzz.)

Quickie 50/50: WVA
Impressions of West Virginia:

Jerry West; Randy Moss and those Marshall football offenses; Kevin Pittsnogle and that fan-fave Mountaineers Elite Eight team in 2005.

Vote Best of WVA here!

Kansas City Royals:
Lose 18th straight, 4 losses from topping the '88 O's AL record. Relief comes tonight: No game! (Pain returns Friday, when they play the A's.)
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Ranking AL WC Contenders
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Johan can lead them
6 more games vs. Rays
Blue Jays
No respect!
Not ready yet

The Cards have MLB's best record, passing the White Sox. And thanks to "This Time It Counts," that's a completely meaningless feat.

David Ortiz is human after all: MLB's most clutch hitter ended a Red Sox comeback with a ground-out DP to end a 6-5 L to the Tigers.

Who says NFL kickers are wussies? Chiefs K Lawrence Tynes was charged with a felony after smashing a bouncer's nose in a bar fight.

Palmeiro Update: Scratched from Wednesday lineup with a sprained ankle. Or, as the cynics might now put it, a "sprained ankle."

The biggest reason to watch the Saints-Pats game tonight? Pats rookie backup QB Matt Cassel, the most intriguing rookie storyline of August.

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