September 15, 2005
Roger Clemens:
Pitching in his late mother's honor on the day of her death, Rocket gets a huge, emotional W, limiting the Marlins to 1 ER and 5 H in 6 IP (with 4 Ks).
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Not all MLB pitching wins are created equal.

That's why Clemens may have just won the 2005 NL Cy Young. But it has nothing to do with last night's stats and everything to do with his status.

None of Chris Carpenter's MLB-leading 21 wins has the memorableness or emotional impact of Clemens' single win last night.

The same goes for 21-game-winner Dontrelle Willis (unless perhaps D-Train no-hits his team into the playoffs on the season's last day).

Historically, NL Cy Young voters are suckers for win totals but they're even bigger suckers for unquantifiable "moments" like Clemens' last night.

Quality over quantity.

That's been the argument Rocket fans have been spouting since the first moment in the 2005 season the Astros offense failed to support him.

Cy voters want to give it to him. And he is, arguably, the best pitcher in the NL this season, especially if you consider his age.

But last night's tribute to his mom, whom Clemens attributed his long-lasting success, is the game that voters will pair with his MLB-best ERA and BAA to finally justify a Cy vote for Clemens.

McNabb Update
"Nothing will stop me from being on that field," the Eagles QB said.

That's a noble attitude, especially for a home opener. But what about the reality that playing could possibly affect his season, long-term, and therefore the team's chances at returning to the Super Bowl?

To wit: Andy Reid is more cautious, just like he's paid to be: "We are not going to put him out there in a situation where he could be injured."

David Ortiz is The Man: Sets an MLB record with his 38th HR of the season as a DH (42nd overall, and the game-winner, naturally).

Yankees edge D-Rays: Well, look at that! New York is finally beating a team they should have beat all along. Too bad BOS and CLE won, too.

Sacto Monarchs: Beat the Sun in Game 1 of the WNBA Finals
Brooklyn Nets: One step closer to reality with land sale
MLB on ESPN: League inks 8Y deal with network for games
Angels: Swept by Mariners; LA? Anaheim? Or "Slumpville?"
Gabe Kapler: Red Sox OF Damon replacement hurts Achilles
Ohio St fans: I mean the ones threatening that tight end
Liriano makes SP debut: Twins rookie is AL Central's answer to King Felix. ("Prince Nelson?") Shows promise: 5IP, 2R, 2H, 1BB, 6K.

Game of the Day: OAK at BOS. Red Sox' second-biggest rival comes to town coming off a tough series vs. Cleveland, only to face Schilling.

Bonds Watch: I know Barry is taking rehab seriously and doesn't like to play day games after night games...

...BUT his team is in a race, and without him, the Giants fell just short of toppling the Padres again. Bonds had one PA as a PH, striking out.

Andruw Jones hits 50th HR: The NL's would-be MVP is the first player to hit 50 since 2002. (Will anyone dare to ask if he's been tested?)

Game of the Day: FLA at HOU. Emotional Clemens start behind both teams, the Astros could leap ahead of the Marlins with a W.

Saints Update
Let's be clear: The NFL's knee-jerk reaction to Katrina by putting the Saints in New Jersey for their "home opener" is unfair to the team and its fans (which, if you haven't got the memo, is all of us).

Lame attempts to create a friendly atmosphere, like having the Saints wear home jerseys or painting the end-zones with Saints home logos, just won't do it. They're simply not fooling anyone.

Why? Mainly because the NFL can't stop fans from wearing blue and cheering for the, um, "road" team.

Maybe if the NFL sold tickets exclusively to fans who promised to root like crazy for the Saints, it would be fair. But credit Jim Haslett for not buying in:

"This is a home game for the Giants, and we'll leave it that way."

Dumb Rams Exec
Dumb or Dumber? That Rams exec who threatened a St. Louis sports columnist shouldn't be disciplined for the harassment.

No, he should be fired for being stupid enough to leave the threat on the columnist's voice mail.

His voice mail! What a dope.

Kevin Mathis:
Falcons CB, most notable for being ejected in the MNF pre-game fight, is done for the year (ACL). Wanna bet that some evil Eagles fans are smugly smiling?
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More Clemens: First comp I could think of coming off the game was the MNF game Brett Favre starred in immediately following his dad's death.

Tampa turmoil: How can a team tick off so many great prospects? First Delmon Young, now BJ Upton's agent talks trade. They're stars; play 'em!

Happy retirement: NHL ironman Ron Francis, who leaves 2nd in assists, 3rd in games, 4th in points and 19th in goals. And he played for the Whale!

More Andruw Jones: He's only the 12th player to reach 300 HRs before his 30th b-day. Contender for 500? He's only 28; no reason he couldn't be.

Congrats to Britney and Kevin on the birth of baby-boy Preston. Still: What are the odds that the kid grows up normal?

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