October 31, 2005
Tedy "Boo-schi":
Holiday puns aside, Bruschi got nothing but love from Pats fans in his comeback. The D didn't suddenly become dominant, but bend-don't-break works.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

In honor of Halloween, apparently the NFL decided to bust out the really frightening storylines from Week 8's results.

The Eagles ARE that mediocre: Playing in Denver is not easy, but McNabb started 0 for 12 and Philly drops to 4-3 and is reeling.

Culpepper out for season? But doesn't getting out of the remainder of this worst year in team history make him the day's biggest winner?

Favre throws 5 picks: The Packers' team-wide incompetence finally rubs off on Favre. Even that Bengals fan was able to pick him off.

Garcia throws away game: Lions fans fans say: "Hey, we might as well have left in Joey for THAT." (Meanwhile: Bears. First place. Scary!)

Bucs lose to ... 49ers?! Extra candy to any kid who shows up at your door in a Cody Pickett jersey. (Bucs: Shakiest 5-2 ever?)

The Redskins are blanked: To answer your lingering question from last week: Yes, that 52 the Skins put up on the 49ers was a fluke.

The Texans win! The scariest result of them all.

Saints Staying?
"Louisiana's team," as Paul Tagliabue called them. Ah, yes: And here are two symbolic moments of that from Sunday:

*Saints jeered at "home": Maybe fans in Baton Rouge were shouting "BOO!" in some sort of homage to Halloween? (Umm ... no.)

*Meanwhile, owner Tom Benson "pulled a Kenny Rogers," taking a swipe at a camera crew. Caught on tape, of course. Will they ever learn?

CFB No. 2: Texas?
Texas: No. 2? Or is that "No 2?" Inertia shouldn't be a reason for being ranked No. 2 in college football, and yet that's what lazy poll voters have done for Texas, rewarding it for merely surviving against an Oklahoma State team that still hasn't won a Big 12 game.

Charlie Weis: 10-year deal to stay at ND; no NFL for him
Vince Young: 500 yards of O (by himself). Heisman stats?
Chicago: The new Boston? White Sox, Bears, Fire all win
Georgia: Once again, Dawgs' season ruined by the Gators
Northwestern: Vaunted O stalls vs. Michigan in bad loss
Nike jerseys: Weird asymmetric colors ripped (but I like)
I'll have no sympathy for UT if VA Tech can beat a real team (No. 5 Miami) next weekend, then uses that to vault over the Longhorns. (Yes, even if UT continues to win.) As you'll see, I already have them there:

Quickie Top 10 Ballot:
1 USC | 2 VA Tech | 3 Texas
4 Bama | 5 Miami | 6 UCLA
7 Notre Dame | 8 FSU | 9 LSU
Honorary No. 10: Rutgers

(And save your angry e-mails, Texas fans: I ranked UT No. 1 over USC after it beat Ohio St., and I defended UT's No. 1 BCS ranking last week.)

Theo In; Manny Out?
The Red Sox will sign GM Epstein to a 3-year extension, the most important move the team will make all offseason.

Theo's first business: Solve the Manny issue. Ramirez wants out; how to get value back for him that won't turn Big Papi into "Big Walki?"

Name to know: Jed Hoyer. Assistant to Theo likely to become Red Sox assistant GM, replacing Josh Byrnes, who left to run the D-Backs.

Prince Gets Paid
How trendy are "long" players in the NBA? Enough that Pistons F Tayshaun Prince got a hefty extension: 5 years, $48 mil.

His skeleton-costume frame and strange-looking jumper always scared me off, but apparently the Pistons think he can be more than a role player.

He kind of disappeared during last season's Finals, but the 2004 run was his breakout. Remember that sick East Finals block on Reggie Miller?

This is going to be scarier than anything you'll see on the trick-or-treat circuit. Without Ray-Ray or Ed Reed, the Ravens D might be as ineffective as their O. (9 ET, ABC)

Paul DePodesta:
Quickie simpatico gracelessly fired by Dodgers as GM, driven out of town by media obviously intimidated by his smarts. He'll latch on somewhere.
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Back on track vs. GB
Bend-don't-break works
Edge out Broncos, Bolts
Must have NFC rep here

Tomlinson throws another TD, which makes him more productive QB than at least a quarter of the starting QBs in the NFL right now.

Who's the hot MLB GM name? Pat Gillick, who is rumored to be in the mix for both the Dodgers' and Phillies' jobs.

Another hot MLB name: Valentine. Bobby is rumored to be a candidate for the D-Rays' job (from Lou to Bobby? Hilarity) and the Dodgers' job.

Hired to replace Leo Mazzone in Atlanta? Roger McDowell, best known for his role as the "Second Spitter" on that classic "Seinfeld" episode.

Giving new meaning to the phrase "Now I Can Die in Peace," '59 Go-Go Sox manager Al Lopez died at 97. His was a welcome face during the ALCS.

Coming Tuesday: The Quickie's 2005 NBA Preview!

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