November 23, 2005
The greatest holiday weekend of the year for sports fans? Arguably, given the quantity of football (NFL and college), hoops (NBA and college) and more.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

What can Quickie readers be thankful for this year?

BCS clarity (for now)
Not drafting Daunte Culpepper
Carolina TopCat cheerleaders
White Sox complete games
Joe Paterno and Charlie Weis
Skipping the ol' boat cruise
Derrek Lee's first half
Chad Johnson's creativity
Dontrelle Willis' enthusiasm
Reggie Bush's physical genius
Kevin Pittsnogle's surname
Ron Artest's attitude
Hockey shootouts
Tour de Lance, one last time
"We're all Saints fans"
A respite from 'roid talk?
Red Sox's curse of "Queer Eye"
Terrell Owens, period.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

NFL: Thanksgiving
The NFL's best tradition (and one of the best in all of sports) continues: Lions and Cowboys games on Thanksgiving.

Falcons at Lions: Michael Vick should come with a "Don't-Try-This-At-Home" label for yard football with your relatives during halftime.

Broncos at Cowboys: Actually meaningful! For Denver, it's a prove-it game off a short week; for Dallas, it's critical for keeping up with the rest of the NFC's "Big Six."

NFL Week 12
Games of Week: NFC Prove-It?
Bears (7-3) at Bucs (7-3):
One bandwagon will derail.
(Oh, and watch that under!)
Giants (7-3) at Seahawks (8-2):
Winner becomes the NFC's team to beat. (Seriously.)

And in the AFC: Pats-Chiefs.
KC RB Larry Johnson clicking just when the Pats' D is least able to contain him.

Odds and Ends: 49ers and Titans battling for rights to draft Reggie Bush? … Of trap games, Jags better watch out at 'Zona … And which opposing fans are in sorrier shape: Packers or Eagles?

Big Ben probable for Monday: But should he play at Indy? The Steelers ain't winning this game; why risk injuring their QB and ruining the chance he can lead them in the playoffs?

LeBron James: Scores 36 (again); Cavs with 8th straight
Texas: Again impresses, beating Iowa in Guardians final
Bucknell: '05 March Cindy vets shock Syracuse in the Dome
Tiger: Feeling sick (not stopping him from leading Slam)
Trading KG: Wolves owner Taylor insists it won't happen
Theo back to Sox: Owner Henry tells Sam Horn chatters no
T.O. Decision
Coming today: No matter what happens, the Eagles lose. There's no question now that they'd be better off with him in the lineup, but their stubborn tactics mean that even if he's not banned for the year -- if he's reinstated -- they've painted themselves into a situation in which they have to release him.

Morrison Owns Maui
Best November college hoops game ever? Gonzaga star Adam Morrison might have played himself into the top 5 of the NBA draft, scoring a tournament-record 43 in an instant classic 109-106 3-OT win over Michigan St.

(The only qualm? What is up with Morrison's flaky 'stache? It's one of those light ones you see on the unfortunate kids in 7th grade who need to shave but haven't been given a razor by their parents yet.)

Maui final is must-see: 'Zaga vs. UConn. Rudy Gay vs. Morrison might be the offensive matchup of the year in college basketball.

BCS Watch
Notre Dame needs a W over Stanford to seal its BCS bid (Sat., 8 ET, ABC). Texas rival A&M would like nothing more than to spoil UT's Rose hopes.

MLB Hot Stove
Marlins moving? How does "Vegas Marlins" sound? But is hacking payroll (like Beckett) a cause or an effect of possible relocation?

Indians heart closer Ryan: Apparently, Cleveland thinks Bob Wickman's stellar season was a fluke; they are hot for the ex-O's closer.

Mets make offer to Billy Wagner: The biggest thing standing between the Mets and the playoffs is replacing Braden Looper with this All-Star.

And Delgado, too? The hot rumor is that the Marlins' fire sale would be the Mets' gain (effectively ending the need to pursue Manny, too).

Ortiz: Manny not returning. Gee, Papi, ya think? You don't have to be best buddies with Ramirez to know that's the situation.

Danica Gets Hitched
He's 17 years her senior, but as long as he makes Patrick happy, that's all that counts. Congrats.

She's been with him for a while, but she built her rep in part on being a sex symbol. Will being married affect that?

Where do you think they registered? If I go over to AutoZone, can they wrap those spark plugs in a pretty box?

College football Thanksgiving rivalries:
Despite being tabbed the No. 1 CFB rivalry by the W.S. Journal, Florida-FSU lacks real stakes this year. So do Oklahoma-OK St and UGA-GA Tech.
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Forde: Louisville's slugger
Quickie Annual Ranking of T-Day Food
There is never enough
Mmm ... tryptophans ...
Mashed (but not sweet)
Anyone for apple pie?
Cranberry glop
Still unsure what it is

NFL W12 Office-Pool Picks: ATL, DAL, CAR, CIN, TEN, KC, MIN, TB, SD, STL, OAK, JAX, PHI, SEA, NO, IND (MNF) (LW: 9-7, Season: 102-54)

Football HOF semifinalists named: First-timers Troy Aikman and Reggie White seem to be the only locks of the group.

Great to hear Red Wings D Jiri Fischer is doing OK after his frightening incident Monday. "Everything appears to be well," team doc says.

CFB Awards: Unsurprisingly, Leinart, Young and Quinn are the finalists for O'Brien QB award. Young will win, Quinn should. (Leinart? Please.)

NHL: Crosby gets the edge in his rookie matchup with Ovechkin: Sidney scores a goal and leads the Pens to a W over the Caps. No goals for Ovech.

Note: The Quickie will not be publishing on Thursday or Friday. Enjoy your holiday weekend, and catch you next Monday!

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