May 1, 2003
People's "Most Beautiful" Halle Berry:
Oh, Tony Parker was named to the mag's Top 50 list, too? Too distracted to notice. (Won't help Frenchie's "too pretty" rep, though.)
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

If it's only Game 5 and you're already one loss from elimination, it's easy to play fast and loose. Meanwhile, for the team with three wins, motivation is a little harder to come by.

Maybe that explains why the choking Mavericks blew a close-out game at home to the Blazers, who are still down 3-2 but play Game 6 tomorrow in Portland ... is it allergy season or is something else causing that tickle in the Mavs' throats?

Meanwhile: The Pistons picked up their pride -- and their defense -- and clocked the Magic in Detroit.

And, sorry for the pun: But there's absolutely no buzz around the Hornets-Sixers series, even though N.O. won to send it to a Game 6.

Coaching Hot Seat
Won't see this in a credit-card ad: Celebrating your team losing on the road at a college-apartment beer-bash: Priceless. Apologizing after the fact and expecting to be welcomed back: Priceless. Spending bar time with a special someone on your employer's dime: Priceless. The phrase "looking into behavior": Priceless. Alabama football: Priceless?

Eustachy Watch: Humiliated Iowa State wants him out, but Party Larry repents and won't go quietly. If only he showed that kind of commitment to the school in his previous decision-making.

NHL Playoffs
As brilliantly as April sensation Jiggy has tended net for the Ducks, it's remarkable he didn't get his first shutout until last night (but Anaheim needed it, sneaking by Dallas 1-0).

Meanwhile: Forget Scottie Pippen or Jamal Mashburn -- last night's best comeback was NJ's Scott Stevens (KO'd from Tuesday's

1 Must-win: For Pacers, Bucks, Suns, T-Wolves
2 More Phoenix: Coach Frank Johnson guarantees a W
3 T.J. Ford going pro (?) press conference: Top PG prospect
1 Bills' Henry/McGahee split: Travis now OK with pick
2 The Bronx' Japan Summit: Continues to not match hype
3 Danny Almonte: Pitched no-no for his HS. Anyone care?
Game 3 by a puck to the ear), who returned to score a goal and inspire the D, the key to the Devils' taking a lights-almost-out 3-1 lead over Tampa.

End of Jazz Combo
If last night's playoff bounce was the end of StocktontoMalone, here's the legacy: "oatmeal" -- consistent and filling, but wildly unspectacular.

Kentucky Derby
Reading "Seabiscuit" last month has got me all fired up for Saturday's Derby. Let's see: Empire Maker ... 6-5 fave ... strongest since '92 ... nah, gotta go another way. Pick coming tomorrow.

Olympic Hoops
While it's mystifying how Richard Jefferson got named to the Olympic hoops team (yet there's debate over AI?), why soon-to-be-mediocre NBA rookie Nick Collison gets the "Christian Laettner Memorial" spot -- over, say, LeBron -- is the real question.

More Most Beautiful
Oh, sure, Halle is nice: But someone isn't paying attention ... Tony Parker didn't even make Page 2's 16-athlete field for Hottest Guy Sports Personality earlier this year -- and where is Hottest Female winner Jennie Finch? Maybe next year ...

Wimbledon Watch
Awkward curtsies at Wimbledon are the female equivalent of the "golfers' high-five" that Page 2 colleague Bill Simmons hilariously mocks. But players won't have to make the move toward the Royal Box anymore, the host club announced ... unless "Da Queen" or Prince C is in the house.

Dallas Mavericks
If they lose Game 6 in Portland, coach Don Nelson might get dumped even before he has a chance to blow Game 7.
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NBA playoff "Game 6" has a special feeling to it, like "NOW we're getting somewhere!" ...

Bonds' 2 homers vs. Cubs might make Dusty re-think his resistance to intentional walks ...

A Congressional Gold Medal to Jackie Robinson is long overdue ...

Is it possible T.J. Ford will stay at Texas? Not if he's smart ...

NCAA Tourney breakout big man Chris Kaman taking mo and jumping early to NBA draft. He's a better Brendan Haywood ...

'Zo Mourning technically cleared to play, and if he's up to it, more power to him ...

The new "hot seat" of college coaching: The barstool ...

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