May 20, 2003
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Bye-bye, Buffy. Don't fret, fans: "Annika the PGA Slayer" has taken her place. (No, not implying Fort Worth is new "Hellmouth.")
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Good grief, have the Spurs and Mavs stopped shooting free throws yet?

With more play-stoppage than your worst Sunday morning at the Y, they combined for 98 FTs in the Mavs' comeback win/Spurs' typical collapse. Dallas made 49 straight, but the Spurs' sorry 31-for-48 was the difference. Lately, if San Antonio isn't up 20 early in the fourth quarter, opponents feel great about their chances.

San An-choke-io
The spur isn't on their boots; it's in their throats. They close games like Armando Benitez. Their leads shrink like George Costanza in a cold ocean. And if you think that's bad, their late-game decision making on offense managed to do the impossible: Put the "D" in Dallas.

Technically, "must-win" is only when you're one loss from elimination. But the Spurs are awful close ... they've gotta already be thinking about the pressure on them in Game 2; that's good for the Mavs.

Annika Watch
Turns out her biggest challenge won't be the field of competitors or the reaction from the gallery, both offering a supportive vibe on her first day at the Colonial.

It's the media crush, the intensity of which she has never seen on the LPGA Tour. And that was just Monday.

Today: A practice round in the morning, with a news conference at 3 p.m. ET. And, no doubt, more media madness. At least she has two more days to acclimate.

1 Nets at Pistons, Game 2: Can only get less ugly
2 Yankees at Red Sox, Game 2: Happy 40th, David Wells
3 The Spurs will practice free throws on day off
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3 Carmelo Anthony: Did we really debate Melo vs. Bron?
Big East Pushes Back
"Disastrous blow" ... "irreparable harm" ... "crisis" ... Desperate rhetoric from Big East commish Mike Tranghese shows his league's life is flashing before his eyes. Too little, too late. Where was the pre-emptive defense of the ACC's hostile takeover bid?

Yanks-Red Sox
What rivalry? Took all of one inning for the Yankees to bust out of their slump, and as usual Boston pitching was the tonic. But, hey, those Green Monster seats sure are wicked cool!

LeBron Lottery
Two days and counting: Why wouldn't Jeff Van Gundy wait until after Thursday's NBA draft lottery to see where the Cavs end up before he interviews with them?

Senators' New Star
Don't count out Team Bankruptcy yet: Ottawa's 19-year-old insta-sensation Jason Spezza had a goal and assist in a 3-1 Sens win, his playoff debut. Logical question: Debut? What has Ottawa management been waiting for?

"Next Top Model"
New reality series kind of like "Am I Hot?", but instead of Lorenzo Lamas, you get Tyra Banks. That's the definition of trading up. But here are two words that sum up their programming strategy: Bikini. Wax.

Detroit Tigers:
Carlos Pena hits three home runs. Tigers lose anyway.
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The "East Coast Hockey League" is dropping the actual words and just going with "ECHL" ...

Best known for his hot wife and camera shyness, Jason Sehorn will also suit up for the Rams next year ...

New evidence shows that Neptune's winter lasts 40 years, which -- as Page 2er Jeff Merron observed -- is almost as long as the NHL season ...

Like Don Mattingly trying to sue for World Series rings, a "Matrix" actor killed off in the original is suing the movie-makers ...

Idol finale: You're either a "Clay" person or a "Ruben" person ...

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