Oct. 10, 2003
Cubs ace Kerry Wood:
Our loss: Apparently fewer TV shots of his hottie wife. Marlins loss: Facing the playoffs' top pitcher on Friday night.
The Lead Item
Two Words For You:

Like the raving street-corner soothsayer, proclaiming "BCS apocalypse is near!" has been a consistent theme here since the summer, because this is finally the season when no team will emerge undefeated and a hilariously complicating number teams will have one loss.

Want to see all poll break loose? Sit tight on Saturday for a rash of upsets of no less than seven unbeaten BCS teams:

Minnesota: to Michigan
Arkansas: to Auburn
Nebraska: at Mizzou
Va. Tech: to Syracuse
Miami or Fla St
Ohio State: at Wisco
Oklahoma: to Texas

Left standing Sunday: Miami/FSU winner, LSU (playing sorry Florida at home) and the "Have-Nots" (N. Illinois, TCU).

Yankees Strike Back
More MLB Playoff memos:

Memo to Pedro Martinez and Roger Clemens: Even though it's just Game 3 of an LCS, Saturday is the biggest head-to-head matchup either of you have ever had.

Memo to Red Sox fans: Don't be afraid to get inside Rocket's head. This is no time for sympathy. Speaking of which ...

Memo to Johnny Damon: Be sure you're ready. As soon as you step in the box, fans expect you to produce.

Memo to Steinbrenner: Lose the MacArthur references. We know what happened to him.

Memo to Andy Pettitte: You're more than eligible for the Playoff Hall of Fame ballot.

Memo to Dusty Baker: Tell your dad to tune in to the Cubs, not the Sacramento Kings.

Memo to Marlins fans: Aspire to out-loud Wrigleyvillians.

Memo to Jack McKeon: Don't. Pitch. To Sammy.

Law and Order: Kobe
Maybe going through with the preliminary hearing wasn't such a great idea for Kobe's D after all.

1 LCS: Cubs at Marlins (3,4,5); Yankees at BoSox (3,4)
2 BCS on ABC: Miami at FSU (Noon); Okla at Texas (3:30)
3 NFL Sunday Night: 49ers at Seahawks. Upset special!
1 The "Fire Gardenhire" movement: Twins mgr gets 2-yr ext
2 Vandy's athletic dept redesign: Ex-AD isn't into it
3 ACC standing pat: Will talk to BC on Sunday (Wash. Post)
The alleged details are hyper-damning, because media consumers glaze over "alleged" and latch on to "details."

And it's those ugly details that will dominate the spin until the trial. What is that, like a year?

NFL Sub-Plots
Just as I coin the term "trash-walk" for Warren Sapp's pre-game shimmy (now verboten) through the opponents' warm-up zone:

The Dante Hall Show: Here's a novel strategy -- don't kick to him.

McNabb's Revival: Continues when surging Eagles expose Cowboys.

Injury Watch: Jake Plummer's shoulder should worry Broncos fans.

Hello?!?!: Is this the week the Jets finally win one? Nah.

Game of Week: 4-0 Panthers at 5-0 Colts. Who made Indy's schedule? From Bucs to Panthers in six days?

No, Not Scalping
"What would it take for you to give up tickets to [fill-in-huge-game-here]?" Here's a real-life spin on that old guys' barstool hypothetical:

Even the chronic craigslist observers may have missed the recent post (thanks, Page Six) with two Yankees fans offering a, um, hands-on experience in exchange for two tickets.

Would bet fans in Boston, where the cursed singles scene mirrors their baseball team's misfortune, are more willing to reply.

Jan's Other Stunt
"This is probably going to get me in trouble," LPGA legend Jan Stephenson says in a mag interview coming out next week. "But the Asians are killing our tour." Yes, yes it is going to get you in trouble.

And there's more, about the LPGA's need to promote sex and the problems with having gay players.

With that, Stephenson completely undercuts her other weekend "publicity stunt" (her phrase): Raising awareness for the women's senior tour by being the first woman to play on the men's senior tour.

NFL fun police:
Seriously, such a huge issue that Sapp prances through opponents' warm-ups? Remember: Hot-type increases hype. (You like hype.)
Today on ESPN.com
P2: Buffalo Soldier
Yanks-Sox: Start spreadin' the news
NFL: Game of the Week
Ranking Those College Football Upsets:
Oklahoma (No. 1)
'Cause Texas usually so choke-y
Virginia Tech (4)
Watch 'Cuse RB Walter Reyes
Ohio State (3)
"At Wisco" synonym for spoiler
Arkansas (8)
Auburn: Wreckee to wrecker
Nebraska (7)
Mizzou deserves this karma

W6 office-pool suggestions: GB, TEN, CAR, NE, NO, OAK, PHI, TB, MIA, PIT, BUF, BAL, SF, STL (LW: 10-4; Season: 46-28) ...

Here's an injury report you don't see every day: Jags P Chris Hanson is out with a self-inflicted ax gash ...

Why wouldn't Kevin Garnett play on the Olympic hoops team? It isn't like he won't be rested from his usual early playoff bounce ...

Thursday's "Cowboy Up" dis didn't offer any new alternatives. How about "Columnist Up!" (To toughen up, like arguing like you know what you're talking about when you really don't) ...

Second-chance K-O pool still rolling last week with Bills; for those still in it, remember the Titans (home vs. Houston) ...

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