Page 2 readers offer Tiger Woods tips

Originally Published: August 12, 2010
By Jerry Greene | Special to Page 2


What Should Tiger Do?

We asked, and you answered.

The PGA Championship begins Thursday, and we figured Tiger Woods needed your advice before beginning his final chance to win a major this year. Wait a second, win a major? Tiger needs your help to make the cut after shooting 74-72-75-77 for an 18-over-par 298 last week in the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational at his formerly favored Firestone Country Club.

We're already encouraged before announcing the top 10 list of tips that you created. That's because Tiger already has followed the tip mentioned most. Bill P., of Tualatin, Ore., spoke for many of you when he advised Tiger "to shave off that goatee, semi-moustache thing. He has never won a tournament without being clean shaven. Besides, with it on his face, you wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley."

The goatee, semi-moustache thing is gone. Progress already.

Now all Tiger has to do is read and follow this list:

Top Ten Tips for Tiger Woods To Get Back His Mojo

10. Follow Prince's lead and become "The Golfer Formerly Known As Tiger Woods." -- Rich R., Parts Unknown.

9. Let caddie Steve [Williams] play the round and you [Tiger] carry the bag and beat the cameramen. -- Hank K, Parts Unknown, and Jacob D., Cleveland.

8. Borrow from John Daly's wardrobe. If you play like a vacationing insurance salesman, look like a vacationing insurance salesman. -- Jim F., Southhampton, N.Y. (Daly's pants were mentioned by many others, too.)

7. Ask for swing tips from Charles Barkley. -- Patrick G., Granby, Quebec, Canada.

6. Drink. -- Barry L., Egg Harbor Township, N.J.

5. Grab a couple friends, fire up your private jet and head to Vegas. That way your next 298 in Vegas stays in Vegas. -- Chris F., New York City.

4. Get BP to handle PR. They have experience with disasters. -- Chris G., Chicago.

3. Hire The Situation from "Jersey Shore" as a personal trainer. -- Ben M., Peoria, Ill.

2. Be the Ball. -- David O., Fort Thomas, Ky.

1. Hold a one-hour TV special, "Another Decision," to announce the name of your new swing coach and that you are going to Sweden for help on swinging a 2-iron from Elin. -- Jarrod D., Fort Myers, Fla.

Sound advice. But there was another common theme among the tips submitted, such as this one from Ted K. of Greenville, N.C. --

"Tiger needs Earl Woods back. Or a father-figure to give him some tough love and direction. Sort of like Don Corleone in the 'You can act like a man!!!' scene. Watching Tiger mope through the last 36 holes at Firestone was like watching a high school golfer on a bad round; not the most intimidating, throat-cutting, disemboweling golfer in history. While Earl can't come back, somebody Tiger respects [paging Arnold Palmer] needs to step up and help him through this stretch. Not a swing coach, but a life coach."

Has anyone seen Tony Dungy?

No matter whether Tiger takes our tips or not, we wish him luck. Tour golf needs him.

Jerry Greene is a retired columnist at the Orlando Sentinel. He can be reached at

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