Peyton Manning, ACC make readers' panic list

Originally Published: September 16, 2010
By Jerry Greene | Special to Page 2

See the big red button?

Go ahead, push it.

That would be the panic button -- and the urge to push it can be found everywhere in collegiate and pro football despite it being so early in the season. In fact, this is when the panic is the worst -- because soon all chances will be gone and panic will be replaced by the numbness of defeat. Teammate David Fleming looked at the NFL, and I opened up my thinking to anything.

So take the Atlantic Coast Conference -- please. The woeful ACC is 0-5 already in games against other BCS-conference schools. And there's Virginia Tech -- losing to James Madison, which is in a universe far, far away from the BCS.

Should the ACC push the button?

Not yet, the conference would have you believe.

Florida State got destroyed by Oklahoma but here is the clever take of FSU quarterback Christian Ponder: "Conference play is a lot different."

That's the ticket. Once ACC teams start playing each other, some of them must win.

Still, you are harsh judges, and we asked you to create a list of persons and places who have no reason to wait. Who should go ahead and push the button now? You made your picks.

Top 10 sports persons and places who need to panic now

10. The entire ACC -- "We went from five ranked teams to one in a week but, hey, Dallas, at least none of us have lost to the Redskins," wrote Ben A., sophomore, North Carolina State.

9. Boise State -- "Full panic mode now that Virginia Tech could not cope with mighty James Madison. That collective sigh of relief you hear is from the BCS bigwigs," wrote Jeff M., Parts Unknown, Mich.

8. State of Ohio -- "Alabama could beat any team in the state including the Bengals, so there's nobody left to watch other than the Browns that couldn't beat the Bucs," wrote D.S., Palm Bay, Fla.

7. Tennessee Vols -- "Oregon beat them by five TDs in Knoxville and here come the Florida Gators," wrote Jack F., Falls Church, Va.

6. The PGA Tour -- "Tiger Woods did not make the finals of your playoffs, so good luck selling us on Dustin Johnson," wrote Ben M., Peoria, Ill.

5. The Lions -- "Week 1 and you lose the game on a ruling nobody buys and you lose your franchise quarterback to the same injury he had last year. Change your area code from 313 to 911," wrote Paulo S., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

4. The Cardinals -- "They won and still should panic as they barely beat the hapless Rams and had seven fumbles in a climate-controlled dome. Maybe they need to bring back the Fumblerooski," wrote Bill P., Tualatin, Ore.

3. Peyton Manning -- "After that loss, he'll be down to just 227 commercial sponsors," wrote Casey M., Columbia, S.C.

2. Gators coach Urban Meyer -- "Tebow's gone, Pouncey can't snap and now he's losing a receiver to the feds. Two words: Medical Leave," wrote Peggy C., Orlando, Fla.

1. New York Jets -- "Panic not because they lost to the Ravens but because they can't even pick up a girl properly. Throwing footballs in her direction? Amateurs," wrote Chris F., New York, N.Y.

And there you have it. Of course, some of the above will pull out of their tailspins to look back on these panicky moments and laugh.

Then again, some will not.

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