Readers keep busy without football

Updated: February 10, 2011, 9:55 AM ET
By Jerry Greene | Special to Page 2

We asked you what you would do without real football until at least September and, in the case of the self-destructive NFL, possibly longer than that. Generally, your answer was obvious:

You'll find some way to pretend football never goes away.

Nearly half of your responses to filling this week's list ("Top Ten Things To Do Without Football") involved the Madden NFL video game, which must have delighted EA Sports. So what we did is leave them out of the list, choosing one entry to represent all the Madden backers. This from Jake B. of Anderson, Ind.:

"I would play fantasy football with friends by simulating an entire season on Madden NFL '11. I would watch every computer-simulated game and pretend it was real. If you started on March 6, you would finish on July 31 (ending with a simulated Super Bowl), just in time for the real preseason to begin."

Sounds like a plan -- and we would recommend not leaving 400 of your friends without seats at your simulated Super Bowl.

In the meanwhile, here are 10 other suggestions:

Top Ten Things To Do Without Football

10. "Read and participate in Jerry Greene's Top Ten lists each week," wrote Nik R. of New Delhi, India (who really knows how to get on my lists).

9. "Keep trying to stay awake through all of 'Ishtar,'" wrote Jack F. of Falls Church, Va.

8. "I'll keep watching football movies such as 'The Replacements,' and take comfort in knowing my starting quarterback will never be Keanu Reeves," wrote Justin B. of Myrtle Beach, S.C.

7. "I'll watch that commercial again and take up cross-dressing so I'll have to spend all summer buying a new wardrobe." wrote Carl G. of Nashville, Tenn.

6. "Two words -- NFL Films because they even make the Lions look great," wrote Beverly B. of Little Rock, Ark.

5. "Sacrifice a goat and ask the football gods to prevent a lockout (and if I don't have a goat, my neighbor has a cat)," wrote Joe K. of Phoenix, Ariz.

4. "Take out the garbage and mow the lawn (although this will make my wife think I must be having an affair)," wrote Robert C. of Madison, Wis.

3. "Deep meditation on how big Troy Aikman's hands really are," wrote Ben M. of Peoria, Ill.

2. "Start a PFL (Paper Football League) in the office, making the intern wear a blindfold and play as the Lions," wrote Phil H. of Fort Worth, Texas. (and why do all of you keep picking on the Lions?)

1. "Get really into high school sports to the point that you become the creepy guy at every game, practice or summer pep rally even though you have no connection to the high school or even the community," wrote Edmund F. of Sydney, Australia.

In summation, looks like the best way to survive without college or pro football is to either buy Madden NFL '11 or become that creepy guy. Your choice although I guess you could do both.

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