10 reasons to watch Tiger-less Open

Originally Published: June 16, 2011
By Jerry Greene | Special to Page 2

Funny thing about us. If we don't like a sport (or a movie or a politician or a flavor of ice cream or just about anything), we assume all other smart thinkers agree with us. Now, a lot of us don't like watching someone else play golf, so we figure everyone else must feel the same and match our wonderful taste.

As they once sang, "It ain't necessarily so."

When we asked this week for reasons to watch the U.S. Open golf tournament that starts Thursday without Tiger Woods, we got a lot of snide remarks (of course, we encourage snide). Bobby H. of Boston represented that group when he wrote, "Because Tiger Woods will be playing. What's that? He's not playing? Never mind. I'll just save those sick days."

But for every Bobby H., there was also someone like Susan L. of Purchase, N.Y., who wrote, "The U.S. Open is the best golf tournament on the planet and was around long before you were born or Tiger Woods picked up a club. It is a riveting competition, featuring the world's greatest players on the most challenging courses, not a celebrity feast created to increase TV ratings."

Great points, Susan, other than saying it was around long before I was born.

And there was a third group of readers, represented by Nick B. of Parts Unknown, Wis., who had another compelling reason to watch this Open: "Basketball and hockey are over, football is locked out and I still hate NASCAR."

Hard to argue with that unless you have "Little E" tattooed somewhere on your body.

Put all these viewpoints together and what did we get? Bippity Boppity Boo. We got a list.

Top 10 Reasons To Watch a Tiger-less U.S. Open

10. "Because, 20 years from now, you'll be able to tell your son that you were watching when the new Andy North was discovered," said Doug E. of Altamonte Springs, Fla.

9. "Same reason that you watch any golf tournament. You are an insomniac that's desperate for some sleep," said Phil J. of Claymont, Del.

8. "I still get to watch Steve Williams," said Bryan P. of Austin, Texas.

7. "The edge-of-your-seat rallies. The radar gun-busting serves. The ... oh, wait, you mean golf?" said Matt L. of Arlington, Va.

6. "If you live in Los Angeles or Miami, it sure beats watching NBA playoff reruns," said Janice H. of Palo Alton, Calif.

5. "A rare opportunity to spot three of nature's most elusive creatures, the Schwartzel, the Dinwiddie and the Oosthuizen," said Bill P. of Tualatin, Ore.

4. "Great treat for all fans of the Middle Ages feudal system, because every player has someone who makes 11 percent of his pay and must follow him around while carrying his stuff," said Casey M. of Columbia, S.C.

3. "You can play 'the U. S. Open Drinking Game!' Take a sip every time Tiger's name is mentioned or someone shouts 'Ohhh, what a shot!' or the stimpmeter reading is mentioned or someone mentions Phil Mickelson's weight or they show any building or monument in Washington, D.C.," said Lisa A. of Benson, N.C.

2. "David Toms has been playing well, so you know what that means -- the cameras will be looking for Mrs. Toms," said C. K. of Chicago.

1. "LeBron James is playing. Well, for the first three rounds at least," said Tom P. of San Diego.

Yes, I know No. 1 was a cheap shot at LeBron, and I know we've go to move on. I promise, we will move on -- maybe next week.

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