Put Stephen Strasburg in Cooperstown!

Originally Published: July 23, 2010
By Jim Caple | Page 2

This weekend, Cooperstown will clear space on its walls for Andre Dawson (438 home runs, 1,591 RBIs, 1,373 runs, 314 stolen bases, eight gold gloves, eight All-Star appearances) and Whitey Herzog (of whom, David Letterman once asked David Cone: "What would you rather have, a career-ending knee injury or Whitey Herzog's haircut?).

Based on media reports, however, there will be one conspicuous absence from the Hall of Fame: Stephen Strasburg, who has already been all but elected to baseball's highest honor by the gushing sports media. Of course, there is still time to give Strasburg his just reward for winning five games. If so, we have a plaque ready for him:

Illustration by Kurt Snibbe

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