By Jim Caple
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John Daly claims in his new book that he lost $50 million to $60 million gambling. Meanwhile, Charles Barkley claims he's lost $10 million himself. How is it possible to lose that much money and still have both thumbs?

Simple. Just check out the latest episode of "Celebrity Poker Showdown."

[Host DAVE FOLEY welcomes the new contestants.]

FOLEY: We've got a great show for you tonight, folks. We have one of the most popular golfers in history, a former champ of the PGA Championship and British Open, Mr. John Daly. [Wild applause.]
And he'll be going up against one of the 50 greatest players in the NBA's history and one of the sport's most notorious talkers, Sir Charles Barkley. [Wilder applause.]

John, Charles. Welcome to the show.

DALY: I'll raise you $5,000, Charles.

Charles Barkley
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"I play to win. I'll double what you put down!"

BARKLEY: I see your $5,000 and raise you $10,000.

FOLEY: Will you guys please hold on? We haven't even dealt the cards yet.

[FOLEY deals the first two cards. DALY and BARKLEY pick them up and inspect them as if translating clay tablets with hieroglyphics.]

[DALY flips his two cards over triumphantly.]

DALY: Twenty-one!

FOLEY: John, we're not playing blackjack. Besides, you have a nine of hearts and a seven of clubs. That adds up to 16, not 21.

[BARKLEY flips over his two cards, revealing a four and a 10.]

BARKLEY: I'm gonna double down.

FOLEY: Dammit, you can't double down in hold 'em!

[He looks at the two players with their cards already revealed on the table.]

FOLEY: Well, this is going to be anticlimactic, given that you both know what's in each other's hands. But, oh well.

[The two players pick up their cards and hold them to their foreheads, the card faces revealed. FOLEY deals the flop, showing a six of hearts, a jack of diamonds and the three of spades. A ringing cell phone interrupts. DALY answers it.]

DALY: Wassup? … Really? Damn, give me some of that. … Yeah, put me down for $100,000 on the Seahawks. … Yeah, you heard me. A hundred large on the Hawks. … Thanks.

[He turns to FOLEY and BARKLEY.]

DALY: Sorry about that. That was my bookie.

FOLEY: You're betting on next year's Super Bowl already?

DALY: No, this year's.

FOLEY: John, they already played that game three months ago. The Seahawks lost.

DALY: Yeah, but my bookie is giving me incredible odds. 100-1.

BARKLEY: Damn. Can I get a piece of that?

[FOLEY rolls his eyes and turns over the fourth card in the middle, the five of hearts.]

FOLEY: Charles, the bet is to you.

BARKLEY: I bet $10,000 I can guess John's weight within five pounds.

FOLEY: I meant your hold 'em bet.

DALY: You're on.

BARKLEY: Stand up, man. Let's get a good look at you.

[DALY stands up, turns around and gives BARKLEY a long look at his ample girth. He appraises him as if judging the Miss America contest.]

BARKLEY: I say you weigh … 142 pounds.

John Daly
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"Looks like I'm a bit short. How about an IOU?"

DALY: Sucker! I'm 264.


[BARKLEY hands over the 10 grand and DALY places it right into the pot.]

DALY: That's $10,000 for you to stay in.

BARKLEY: [Pushing in $20,000] And another $10,000 to you.

DALY: Call.

[FOLEY shakes his head in disbelief and turns over the final card, the nine of diamonds. The television audience -- as well as the two players -- can see that BARKLEY has a jack, 10, nine, six, five, all non-suited, and DALY has two 9s, a jack, a seven and a six.]

FOLEY: OK, Charles. The bet's to you. And I imagine you'll be …

BARKLEY: I bet $50,000.

FOLEY: Good Lord, Charles. You can see that John has a better hand. You're just throwing your money away.

BARKLEY: Shhh, I'm bluffing.

FOLEY: But you can only bluff if the other guy doesn't know you're bluffing. You can't bluff if he sees your cards and knows he has a better hand. You would have to be the dumbest man in the world to fold in that situation. I mean a complete #$&@-ing moron.

DALY: I fold. Too rich for my blood.

[BARKLEY rubs his palms and rakes in the pot with glee.]

BARKLEY: Momma, I know what I'm gonna do with this. I'm going to take it over to the roulette wheel and put it all down on green.

DALY: C'mon, man. You gotta give me a chance to get even.

BARKLEY: Sure. No problem. Double or nothing I can out-drive you.

FOLEY: Are you stupid? John is one of the longest golfers on the tours. He's legendary for his distance.

DALY: I'll take that action.

[The camera follows DALY and BARKLEY out of the studio and into a back lot. DALY grabs a club, sets a ball on the tee and proceeds to drive it far into the distance. He hands the club to BARKLEY.]

DALY: Beat that, big man.

[BARKLEY merely smiles, drops the club and gets behind the steering wheel of his waiting SUV. DALY suddenly realizes he's been had.]

DALY: No way, man. That's not right. The bet was I could drive a golf ball farther than you.

BARKLEY: No, the bet was I could out-drive you. Didn't say nothing about any golf ball. So all I gotta do is drive my rig farther than you hit that ball, and you owe me another $300,000.

[BARKLEY laughs crazily, then accidentally shifts his vehicle into reverse and backs through a garage door.]

FOLEY: I'm afraid that does it for this week's episode of "Celebrity Poker Showdown," but tune in next week when we welcome Michael Jordan.

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