By Kieran Darcy
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Here's the team I got to cover. Not bad, huh? But these ladies have more going for them than just beauty. They made the Super Bowl last season! Need another hint? I helped pick this year's squad.

And here are their opponents – the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. The event was dubbed the Battle of the Beach, with the two squads slated to square off in three different athletic contests. Sounds like the perfect blend of sand, sun, sports and ... well, skin. Right?

Before the competition, a few of the ladies participated in the NFL's new motorcycle safety program – called the "Kellen Winslow Project."

Colleen, from the Eagles, prepares for the competition by getting her makeup done. Not exactly a tape job, eh? Actually, she was getting ready for her lingerie calendar shoot – the other reason the Eagles cheerleaders were in Florida. Now why couldn't I have covered that?

The first event was beach volleyball. The quality of play? Not so hot. But the skimpy bikinis were a big hit. So were any and all diving sand saves.

Thanks to some strong play by a couple of ladies, including Janet (pictured here), the Eagles took the first event, winning both volleyball games. Many people in the crowd brought cameras – question is, what is this guy taking a picture of?

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