By Kieran Darcy
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The Eagles squad looked confused and upset when its fastest runner decided to hold out before the next event, the relay race – she wanted a bigger cut of the lingerie calendar proceeds. Sound familiar?

The rest of the Philly squad rallied together to cheer on its five-woman relay team, and the Eagles still ended up dominating the race. It turned into more of an obstacle course, with all the guys leaning in to snap photos.

Whoops, how'd that photo of Monica from the calendar shoot get in here? Sorry about that.

The final event of the competition was the most anticipated, even though the Eagles had already clinched victory for the second straight year. Why? Because it was a tug-of-war. Here's Monica, pulling, if you can call it that. The Eagles lost this one, but that didn't dampen their celebration afterward.

Lots of people wanted the Eagles cheerleaders' autographs after the competition. Shouldn't this guy look a little happier that Adrienne agreed to sign something for him?

At the end of the day, Adrienne was thrilled when I agreed to give her my phone number ... in fact, she called me as soon as I got back to New York, and e-mailed me this picture! OK, I'm making this up. But hey, a boy can dream, right? See you next year, ladies!

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