By Kieran Darcy
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EDITOR'S NOTE: With the help of our readers -- THIS MEANS YOU! -- Page 2 intends to determine the winner in the Battle for the Soul of Sports by matching the seven deadly sports sins against the seven heavenly sports virtues in a series of head-to-head duels. Today, Kieran Darcy lists some of sports' biggest gluttons and those who are a little more restrained with their food and drink intake, as well as offering his take on who has the upper hand.

"Gluttony is not a secret vice."
-- Orson Welles

These 10 gluttons definitely stand out. They're not the only athletes guilty of this sin -- not by a long shot. But they are some of our favorites.
"Thou art more lovely and more temperate."
-- William Shakespeare

Temperance is a little harder to tackle than gluttony. As a matter of course, many professional athletes moderate their food and drink intake carefully, out of the public eye. But these 10 people can't keep it a secret.
10. Nate Newton
There have been plenty of 300-plus-pound offensive linemen in the NFL, past and present. But Newton is the only one we know of who's also been arrested for possession of 300-plus pounds of marijuana.
10. Shawn Bradley
Bradley, who recently retired from the NBA, is 7-foot-6 and weighs only 275 pounds, and he's a Mormon. So it's pretty safe to say he keeps his appetites in check.
9. Mo Vaughn
When your bat speed disappears overnight and you're having difficulty bending down to field ground balls, you might have let yourself go a little too much.
9. Meb Keflezighi
This American took the silver in the Olympic marathon in Athens. Marathoners can't afford to pig out much -- well, except when they're carbo-loading before a race.
8. Oliver Miller
The Really Big O basically ate himself out of the NBA after the '99-2000 season, when he ballooned to approximately 375 pounds. But he did make a comeback with Minnesota three years later.
8. Pete Cipollone
Cipollone, 5-1 and 120 pounds, was the coxswain for the American heavyweight men's eight that won gold in rowing in Athens. That means he had to keep his weight down -- especially so he could be thrown overboard after the race, as tradition dictates.
7. Rich Garces
The Fenway faithful nicknamed him "El Guapo," the "handsome one." How many 6-foot, 250-pounders (well, that was the official listing) get nicknames like that?
7. Pat Day
The legendary jockey, who also recently announced his retirement, is only 4-11 and barely over 100 pounds. Those jockeys have to stay tiny.
6. William Perry
Anybody nicknamed "The Refrigerator" probably eats too much -- and had to make this list.
6. Carly Patterson
Patterson was listed at just 5 feet and 97 pounds when she won the women's all-around gymnastics Olympic gold last year. We doubt she was eating a lot of fast food.
5. Mike Tyson
Tyson qualifies automatically for trying to eat a man's ear. Thankfully, he never followed through on that whole "I want to eat his children" threat.
5. Michael Phelps
Everyone will remember Phelps for winning eight medals, six of them gold, in Athens. And for how ripped he looked in those races, at 6-4 and 194 pounds.
4. David Wells
Maybe Wells wouldn't have so many back problems if he wasn't carrying around that belly. And then maybe he could have pitched more than one inning in Game 5 of the 2003 World Series. (Whoops, bitter Yankee fan interjection there, sorry.)
4. Diego Corrales
Corrales is the current WBC and WBO lightweight boxing champion of the world. At 5-11 and 135 pounds, he's a lean, mean fighting machine.
3. John Daly
Does anyone believe Daly only weighs 220 pounds? If he'd chilled a little on the grub and drink, he might have more than two majors to his credit. But, then, he probably wouldn't have the Hooters sponsorship, so …
3. Cael Sanderson
Sanderson is legendary for going undefeated in his NCAA wrestling career. He even got his own cereal box -- note that it was Wheaties, not Frosted Flakes, and probably what he had to eat for breakfast to stay at 84 kg (185 lbs) when he won the Olympic gold medal in 2004.
2. Babe Ruth
The Bambino is remembered almost as much for stuffing his face and carousing off the field as he is for his incredible performances on it.
2. Tiger Woods
According to Tiger's official Web site, he's currently carrying 185 pounds on his 6-2 frame. That means he's about the exact opposite of John Daly, even though he rips his driver just as far.
1. Takeru Kobayashi
At 131 pounds, he's about 100 pounds lighter than anyone else on this list. But scarfing down 53 hot dogs in 12 minutes last year scored him a world record -- and the No. 1 spot here.

1. Lance Armstrong
A seven-year study by University of Texas professor Ed Coyle revealed that "a marked improvement in muscle efficiency and large reductions in body fat and body weight" have been keys to Armstrong's cycling success. Apparently, he reduced his body weight by about 10 pounds before each of his Tour de France victories. Pretty impressive. After he won the last one, he talked about how much he was looking forward to finally enjoying a cold beer. Well deserved.