By Dan Shanoff
Page 2

Whether it's bantering with your coworkers about the weekly pool or swapping the skinny with your friends at the local sports bar, spouting last season's conventional wisdom about the new NFL season is going to make you as popular as Peerless Price.

So check out the "What's Hot, What's Not" List below for the scoop on the names, trends and fads that are at the forefront of Kickoff Weekend and the 2005 NFL season. We promise: That first-date hottie really wants to know:

Category Hot Not Hot
Kickoff Weekend star
Terrell Owens

Nick Lachey
Cover jinx Donovan McNabb Ray Lewis
Bar stool debate Who wins the AFC? Are the Pats a dynasty?
Rookie bandwagon DE DeMarcus Ware QB Alex Smith
QB necessity A solid backup Draft pedigree
Season-crushing injury Anything to Brady Steelers RBs
Randy Moss No. 18

Jerry Rice No. 19
Baby name Madden Terrell
Water-cooler talk How's your fantasy team? How's your office pool?
Glamour position Fantasy "Flex" Back Wide Receiver
MVP bandwagon LaDainian Tomlinson Peyton Manning
Coaching mastermind
Marvin Lewis

Andy Reid
Fantasy sleeper Willie Parker Freddie Mitchell
Player motivation Non-guaranteed contracts Agent's advice
Complaint in New England No Weis? No Crennel? No respect! Not a dynasty? No respect!
Mike Tice's biggest problem No Randy Moss Tickets for the Super Bowl
Dolphins fan-favorite Ronnie Brown Ricky Williams
QB controversy Lions (Harrington vs. Anyone) Pats backup (Flutie vs. Cassel)
Mr. Excitement
Matt Jones

Kyle Boller
Sympathy rooting interest New Orleans Saints Joe Gibbs' comeback
Power division AFC North NFC North
Impossible dream Winning the Eliminator pool Going to Super Bowl XL

In the Page 2 "Hot/Not" tradition, some picks for the postseason:

Category Like Don't Like
NFC East Eagles Cowboys
NFC South Panthers Falcons
NFC North Vikings Packers
NFC West Seahawks Rams
NFC Wild Card Cards, Bucs Cowboys, Lions
AFC East Patriots Jets
AFC South Colts Titans
AFC North Ravens Steelers
AFC West Raiders Chargers
AFC Wild Card Bengals, Jaguars Chargers, Steelers
Super Bowl champs Pats over Eagles Panthers over Colts

Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "Daily Quickie" commentary appears every weekday morning.