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Let's see ...

It's the middle of February in a cold, snowy winter.

Football season is over.

Hot Enough to Melt Snow
Our special Page 2 Hot Committee selected the 24 finalists. But you let us know which ones we missed. Don't forget the rest of our hot content coming up:

  • The four group finalists match up against defending champ Jennie Finch on Thursday for the title of Hottest Female Athlete of 2004.

  • Thursday: Page 2 writers make their predictions for the Hottest Events of 2004.

  • Don't forget about Page 3's sexy polls. Vote on the Hottest Female Musicians. And submit your tally for the Hottest Male Musicians.

  • Next week: Hottest Male Athletes! (Send in your nominations.)
  • Spring training hasn't started.

    And Madison Square Garden has gone to the dogs.

    Yep, must be time for Page 2's annual Hottest Female Athlete contest.

    So here they are, 24 of the most beautiful -- and accomplished -- women in sports. We couldn't narrow the field any further than that, so you'll have to do it for us. Vote for your favorite in each group of six, and the winners will advance into the final round later this week.

    The careful eye will notice that the lovely Jennie Finch, the winner of last year's contest, isn't among our contestants here. That's because she earned an automatic bye into the finals by virtue of her stunning upset of Anna Kournikova and the rest of the sports world's hotties a year ago. So never fear: You'll still get a chance to cast your vote in Jennie's direction.

    And for those of you who demand equal time for the unfairer sex, don't be dismayed. Page 2's Hottest Male Athlete competition is just around the corner. Stay tuned.

    Now, on to the contestants ...

    Tara DakidesGretchen Bleiler
    Tara Dakides
    Gretchen Bleiler
    Who is she? 28-year-old snowboarder (3-time winner of the slopestyle at Winter X), David Letterman stuntwoman participant, FHM magazine cover girl.
    Who is she? A 22-year-old snowboarder who was the final cut from the 2002 Olympic team, Gretchen has recently increased her visibility with a nude photoshoot in ESPN The Magazine and provocative posing in FHM.

    Marion JonesLokelani McMichael
    Marion Jones
    Lokelani McMichael
    Who is she? The fastest woman on earth. The three-time Gold Medalist at the 2000 OIympics just returned to competitition at age 28 after the birth of her son. You think that kid will run fast? Dad is hubby and world-record holder Tim Montgomery.
    Who is she? According to her very own Web site, the 26-year-old is a "world class triathlete and model." She has completed the Ironman seven times.

    Amy AcuffTatiana Grigorieva
    Amy Acuff
    Tatiana Grigorieva
    Who is she? High jumper who won her fourth U.S. outdoor title in '03. Acuff, 28, is a two-time Olympian and has appeared in several magazines, including the cover of Vogue in 2000.
    Who is she? Russian-born pole vaulter who now competes for Australia (won the silver medal at the Sydney Olympics) and models in between her regimen of two workouts, six days per week.