Zooming in on Jose's house   

Updated: May 8, 2008, 1:35 PM ET

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"Going … going … gone!"

Jose Canseco heard that phrase 462 times during his 17-year career, but the 463rd time could be the toughest call of his life. This time, the proclamation won't come from an awed announcer; instead, it will come from a merciless auctioneer. Canseco's Los Angeles-area home went into foreclosure last week.

Canseco purchased the home for $2.9 million in 2005 and twice tried to flip the Encino, Calif., digs for $4.3 million and $3.3 million during a down market. Who knows what Canseco was thinking, especially given the fact he was also facing an IRS lien, not to mention a pending judgment stemming from a scuffle he and his brother Ozzie got into in Miami? Perhaps the repercussions of a "heads-up play" in which a ball bounced off his head into the stands in 1992 caught up with Canseco in 2008.

Canseco eventually saw the writing on the wall last week and decided to walk away from his home.

Will he be missed?

His next-door neighbor noted, "We have a lot of baseball players around here; in fact, Darryl Strawberry used to live four houses down."

When asked if the former Bash Brother used to throw any parties and if she happened to catch Roger Clemens with his wife in tow at one of Canseco's backyard barbecues, she replied: "No parties. He was quiet. Now he's gone."

His Realtor Tina Cameron noted, "The property is nowhere near as pretty as it used to be," but nonetheless there has been some interest in what's listed in the property ad as a "dramatic Mediterranean villa." Page 2 wanted to give its readers an inside (as well as an outside) view of the property before there is another (home) run on it.

Check out the photo essay below consisting of current exterior pictures (with the home and grounds in disarray) as well as pictures from the original listing during the property's heyday.

Jose Canseco's house HALL OF FAME? Well, this hallway is certainly memorable, as described in the original listing: "Step through the front door into a breathtaking entry overlooking a living room with 30' ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows framing a stunning city light view."

Jose Canseco's house UPPER DECKER: Check out this "huge multilevel yard and deck designed for outdoor entertainment."

Jose Canseco's house ON DECK: View of the pool deck from the guest house. Buy now and get a free pair of pink board shorts and a "Get Out Of Congressional Hearings Free" Card.

Jose Canseco's house EXTRA FRAMES: The den features not only a built-in flat-screen TV but also what can only be described as classy framed art.

Jose Canseco's house FLASHING THE LEATHER: The living room features some nice leather couches, perfect for relaxing after a hard day of saving the sport of baseball.

Jose Canseco's house IN HIS KITCHEN: You're probably looking for a juicer on the counter … so are we.

Jose Canseco's house RETIRE THE SIDE: The master bedroom features a sitting area great for peacefully contemplating your own inner greatness. If this was "MTV Cribs," someone would mention some combination of "this is" and "where" and "the magic happens."

Jose Canseco's house HITTING THE SHOWERS: One of six bathrooms in the home. They're equipped with plenty of room if you want to shoot up.

Jose Canseco's house HOME SWEET HOME: Picture-perfect -- before foreclosure.

Jose Canseco's house MOW THEM DOWN: Not so much since foreclosure. There's no home-field advantage with this lawn, and free yard work definitely isn't included.

Jose Canseco's house SWING FOR THE FENCES: The gate comes complete with a lock and warning sign. (If you're a GM for an MLB team or even a Class A team with a job offer, ignore this. Hop the fence and come on in -- you are always welcome.)

Jose Canseco's house MAILBOX BASEBALL? Although there have been some reports of vandalism in the area, the Bash Brother's old mailbox still stands tall, but needs a paint job -- not unlike its owner's reputation.

Jose Canseco's house CACTUS LEAGUE: Like Jose, the flora and fauna of the house have spent significant time in the sun.

Jose Canseco's house (NOT) HITTING FOR THE CYCLE: No more Mitchell report? No more reason to read the paper … or to pick it up.

Jose Canseco's house POWER ALLEY? Former MVP/lawn mower. The business cards pretty much print themselves. Jose should be back on his feet in no time.

Jose Canseco's house LOOK OUT FOR THE WARNING TRACK: It looks like someone was in a hurry, compliments of the skid marks left on the driveway. It may have been Jose's moral integrity, which hasn't been seen in years.

• Photos by MLS and Shane Igoe

Shane Igoe writes about the convergence of sports and pop culture on rotohog.com.



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