We have a saying that we use often: "It's not about WHO is right. It's about WHAT is right."

In summary, yes, I would not hesitate to make the same decision again that we made on March 22.

If the Cavs don't make the playoffs, are you concerned about being labeled the fall guy? And would that be fair?

Gilbert: I can't pay attention to labels or any other noise that clogs the airwaves or newspapers. I have to run this business the only way I know how, and that is to make the best decisions and conclusions I can in determining what is best for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Are you worried about LeBron's future?

Gilbert: Of course I am. LeBron is the centerpiece of our future for many years to come. He also happens to be very smart and streetwise. He is competitive and gives you everything he has inside of him at all times. He fully understands who we are and what we are all about.

We hate losing and love winning as much as Lebron. He is anxious, as we are, to truly begin our ownership era, which has not even started yet.

Would we even be having this discussion if the Cavs were winning?

Gilbert: I am not sure. You are the one asking all of the questions!

How long before we're laughing about this situation: one month after you get past Miami in the first round, one year after you all play in the 2006 NBA Finals, or never?

Gilbert: Look, I fully understand why some of these questions are being asked. What I don't understand are the inaccuracies, lies, distortions and embellishments of some grown men and women. I can't give you the exact timing of when we look back at the conclusion of the previous era with a smile and a that-was-not-a-fun-start conversation.

I can tell you that there is nothing that is going to get in the way of our desire and motivation to bring a team and organization that Cleveland and the entire state of Ohio can be proud of calling their own.

Stay tuned. We have not even started our ownership era yet. I am looking forward to getting it all going this summer.

Scoop Jackson is an award-winning journalist who has covered sports and culture for more than 15 years. He is a former editor of Slam, XXL, Hoop and Inside Stuff magazines; and the author of "Sole Provider: 30 Years of NIKE Basketball," "Battlegrounds: America's Street Poets Called Ballers" and "LeBron James: the Chambers of Fear." He resides in Chicago with his wife and two kids. You can e-mail Scoop here.

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