Dave Nilsson is still huge in Milwaukee   

Updated: October 24, 2007, 11:23 AM ET

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We found another great batch of random jerseys this week, but we still need your help. Somewhere out there, someone's slipping on a Vinny Del Negro Spurs or a Billy Cundiff Cowboys, and we need your help finding them. If you see a gem walking around, snap a pic and send it to us at badjerseyblog@gmail.com.

Remember, though, no official throwbacks and no posed pics. So that means you've got to pull on your Kurt Rambis Lakers and hope someone spots you.

Be sure to check out our blog, straightcashhomey.net, for a new jersey pic every day!

Ed O'Bannon Ed O'Bannon, Nets: Somewhere this guy's younger brother is wearing a Charles O'Bannon Pistons jersey and hanging out with George Zidek. (Found by Adam in Brooklyn)

Dave Nilsson Dave Nilsson, Brewers: Dave Nilsson's sort of an obscure one to wear out in public, but when you're looking for an Australian catcher's jersey, your options are pretty limited. (Found by Neil in Milwaukee)

Scott Daniels Scott Daniels, Hartford Whalers: It's hard to guess which of Daniels' stints with the Whalers inspired this purchase: the single game in the '92 season? Twelve triumphant contests in '94? We're guessing it was his epic 53-game '95 campaign. (Found by Mike in Penn Station in New York City)

Hubert Davis Hubert Davis, Mavericks: Wearing a Hubert Davis jersey in Australia is a lot different from wearing one in the States. For instance, when you try to flush it down the toilet, it goes down counterclockwise. (Found by Simon in Sydney, Australia)

Natrone Means Natrone Means, Chargers: You can wear a Natrone Means in Israel and no one will know who he is. But in America ... well, it's pretty much the same. (Found by Brad in Jerusalem)

LaPhonso Ellis LaPhonso Ellis, Nuggets: Even LaPhonso Ellis himself wouldn't wear this to work on casual Fridays. We're not sure, but we're guessing this intern wasn't offered a permanent position. (Found by Stanley in Boise)


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