These jerseys are nobody's fantasy   

Updated: December 14, 2007, 11:43 AM ET

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It's time for fantasy football playoffs. If you were lucky enough to make your league's bracket, you probably remembered the old adage that running backs win fantasy championships. Unless, of course, you're talking about one of these running backs, in which case your team is doomed. However, if you caught any of these guys in their (sometimes brief) primes, they could have given you some fantasy glory. This week, we commemorate their efforts and salute the fans who are still starting them in 12-team leagues.

As always, remember to check our blog for daily updates at, and if you find a candid shot of a gem jersey, e-mail it to us at Who knows, next week we could be running your snapshot of a wishful-thinking fan in a Chris Redman Ravens jersey!

Rashaan Salaam Rashaan Salaam, Bears: You can tell this guy that Salaam's pro career was a bust, but he'll just point out that Rashaan had the fourth-most rushing yards in the XFL's storied history. (Found by Dan in Chicago)

Leroy Hoard

Leroy Hoard, Browns: Hoard played several seasons in Cleveland under Bill Belichick, which would explain why people call him the Kyle Eckel of 1994. (Found by Patrick in Cleveland)

Tyrone Wheatley Tyrone Wheatley, Raiders: Tyrone Wheatley was with the Raiders through thick and thin, and they stayed with him through thick and thicker. (Found by Alex in West Hollywood, Calif.)

Jarrett Payton Jarrett Payton, Titans: Somewhere, Jarrett Payton is hanging out with Ozzie Canseco, Brent Price and Eli Manning, complaining about how genetics isn't all it's cracked up to be. (Found by Ken in Nashville, Tenn.)

Herschel Walker Herschel Walker, Giants: Another lopsided Herschel Walker trade: giving up anything to get this jersey. (Found by Danny in New City, NY.)


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