He also probably mentioned something about Bloomberg's "knocking one out of the park": Vaughn, in a classic line that had to be written by someone with zero sports savvy, said, "In my day, let me tell you, I was never afraid to step into the batter's box against anyone, and I'm not afraid to step up for Michael Bloomberg."

So if you happen to hear someone say, "You never know -- crazier things have happened," you can tell them they're lying: If the Giants come back to win the National League West, crazier things haven't happened.

At the risk of getting too technical with it, but since Derek Jeter has now joined the ranks of famous people who have received racist hate mail for interracial dating, it's time to ask the existential question: Given that Jeter's mother is white and his father black, do those creeps understand it might be impossible for him to not date interracially?

All you can say is, "Arizona Cardinals football": The oddest moment of Week 3 of the NFL season was Kurt Warner's groin injury -- an awkward single-car accident with no defender in sight.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, your starting quarterback, Brooks Bollinger! The Jets managed just 168 yards in their overtime loss to the Jaguars.

Yeah, but for years they've been telling him he looks big for a kicker: Cowboys kicker Jose Cortez challenging Larry Allen and finding out what so many defensive linemen have discovered over the years -- don't.

And finally, he's just lucky those guys didn't shave his eyebrows and draw cat whiskers on his face with a Sharpie: Tiger Woods' hair looks like something that someone might wake up with after a night of hazing in a fraternity house.

Tim Keown is a senior writer for ESPN The Magazine.

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