ESPN just celebrated its 25th anniversary -- and in conjunction with that, ESPN Books released "ESPN25 -- 25 Mind-Bending, Eye-Popping, Culture-Morphing Years of Highlights" by Charles Hirshberg, with a foreword by Chris Berman.

The book contains several lists by Jeff Merron, including the best owners, the best promotions, and the most memorable national anthem renditions. How could you forget Roseanne's horrendous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner?


The Olympics are over -- but check out Page 2's lists of the 10 best American male and female runners of all-time.

No, we haven't forgotten John Elway. He's No. 5 on our list of the best playoff QBs and No. 3 on clutch performers.

Shawn Green's Dodgers are in first, but the L.A. outfielder also is No. 1 on our list of MLB's most overpaid players.


Worst cases of foot-in-mouth
Terrell Owens spouted off on Jeff Garcia's sexual preferences -- where might that rank on our list of the worst cases of foot-in-mouth?

Best, Worst of the Olympics
Amy Acuff has never won an Olympic medal, but she makes our list of the sexiest Olympic athletes. Plus, we've got the greatest all-around Olympians and top moments.

Worst MLB All-Stars
We're sure that Mike Williams ('03), Billy Hunter ('53) and Alfredo Griffin ('84) enjoyed the All-Star Game. They just didn't deserve to be there.

Best Teams in the World
If Larry Brown is depressed about Team USA, he can take solace in knowing the Pistons ranked No. 1 on our July list of the world's best teams.

Worst NBA Draft Picks
We feel for Sam Bowie. We really do. Every summer the guy's gotta be reminded that he was picked ahead of MJ. Cheer up, Sam, you're only No. 2 on our list.

Worst Seasons by an MLB Superstar
As we look at Chipper Jones hitting only .244, we got to wondering: What are the 10 worst seasons by guys we consider to be baseball superstars.

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