Son of the Mask
Thanks to some truly intrepid help from reader Dana Bierce, we've finally filled the most glaring vacancy in our rogue's gallery of masked baseball players. That would be Dave Parker, who wore the extra protection after breaking his cheekbone in a 1978 collision with Mets catcher John Stearns. Astute readers will note that Parker's mask (quickly identified by Helmet Hut facemask guru Curtis Worrell as a Dungard 210) made his batting helmet so heavy that he actually needed a chinstrap to keep it in place.

As for the rumors of Parker's having worn a hockey goalie-style mask for one plate appearance before switching to the football facemask, photographic proof is supposedly on its way to Uni Watch in the mail at this very moment – stay tuned.

Paul Lukas has had his name misspelled as "Lucas" on business cards, paychecks, utility bills, memos and e-mails, but never on a jersey. Archives of his pre-Page 2 "Uni Watch" columns are available here and here. Got a question or comment for him, or want to be added to his mailing list? Contact him here.

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