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Originally Published: November 30, 2009
By Cam Martin | Special to Page 2

College Football DVRKurt Snibbe

Time to cue up the College Football DVR, where -- depending on whim -- we'll look backward or forward or just let things play, always in quick succession.

REW: In Gainesville, Fla., fans honored Tim Tebow in his last home game by donning his trademark eye black. In South Bend, Ind., Notre Dame fans honored Jimmy Clausen by not egging his parents' old house.

REW: Representatives from several BCS bowls were on hand to watch Boise State beat Nevada 44-33 on Friday, and afterward were falling over themselves to entice the Broncos to play in their postseason game -- with the Orange Bowl CEO offering to paint the Land Shark field blue and the Fiesta Bowl CEO offering to invite an opponent (New Mexico State) on par with Boise's usual competition.

PLAY: With the death of its mascot Uga VII, the University of Georgia is in search of a new live bulldog, and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has suggested a far-fetched alternative -- replacing the live mascot with a robot mascot. In other news, students at Dartmouth -- where Keggy the Keg is the unofficial mascot -- have asked the school to start using a live keg.

PLAY: Pittsburgh lost to West Virginia in the Backyard Brawl, but the Panthers can still represent their conference in a BCS bowl if they beat Cincinnati in the deciding game of The Big Midwest East on Friday.

REW: With LSU's overtime defeat of rival Arkansas, the Bayou Bengals won the "Golden Boot" trophy. Afterward, LSU coach Les Miles spiked the trophy, then later denied it.

REW: Nick Saban said Alabama's sluggish start against Auburn on Black Friday can be explained away by Zhu Zhu Pets, the tough-to-find Christmas item that some players spent the morning trying to find for their children.

FF: With his Syracuse football career completed, Greg Paulus can return to Duke as a basketball graduate assistant coach in time for opposing fans to taunt him during the ACC regular season.

PLAY: TCU fans who aren't spending the week convincing themselves that Nebraska has a chance to upset Texas in the Big 12 championship game are taking to Internet message boards to complain about the inequity of mankind. Both tacks are harmful to a person's long-term mental health, and only moderately amusing to everyone else.

FF: Bob Stoops' supporters have already drawn up a plan to blame Charlie Weis for Notre Dame's failures over the next few years.

PAUSE: Kentucky hasn't beaten Tennessee since 1984, the year Lane Kiffin turned 9 and committed his first NCAA violation.

REW: Colt McCoy and the Texas Longhorns held off the Aggies of Texas A&M, their chief in-state rival, on Thanksgiving. As is customary, Texas celebrated by eating Bevo, their longhorn mascot.

PLAY: Florida now holds a 14-win edge in the all-time series versus Florida State, but only a one-win edge during Bobby Bowden's tenure at Florida State (18-17-1). Upon his retirement, however, Florida State may lead the series by 10 wins.

PLAY: Memphis did not end up hiring Washington Redskins secondary coach Jerry Gray as its new head coach, instead choosing LSU assistant Larry Porter. Gray had been considered the favorite, but Memphis backed off when Gray told them he wanted to hire Jim Zorn as his offensive coordinator and Sherman Lewis as the guy who actually calls the plays.

STOP: Louisville fired football coach Steve Kragthorpe after finishing the year at 4-8, the team's worst season in a decade. Athletic director Tom Jurich said head coaching experience would not be a priority in finding Kragthorpe's replacement, leading to speculation that Charlie Weis has emerged as a front-runner.

PLAY: The rivalry between Lafayette and Lehigh began in 1884 and is the oldest continuous matchup (since 1897) in college football. It's so old that it predates trophies; instead, the winning team receives a plaque reading, "The difference between Lafayette and Lehigh is indistinguishable to anyone who didn't attend one of these schools; go forth and proselytize."

FF: BCS bids will be announced next weekend. TCU, Boise State and Cincinnati are expected to pledge Delta.

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