By Jeff Merron, Illustrations by Kurt Snibbe
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Finals Key:
1. The Rangers pitcher shoved two cameramen before a game in late June and received a 20-game suspension, later reduced to 13 games.

2. Hottie Anna Benson told the world that if hubby Krist ever strayed, she'd stray too -- to every Met she could find, including the batboys.

3. In his congressional testimony, McGwire squirmed and said nothing, citing lawyers' advice.

4. 3,000 hits, 500 homers, and what we'll remember most is that Palmiero got caught with juice -- just a few months after telling Congress he'd never done steroids.

5. Clemens is even better than the old Nolan Ryan!

6. The Braves' young homegrown golden boy leads a slew of young Braves that have come through all season.

7. What a year -- semi-confession, almost sent down to minors, now a co-favorite for Comeback Player of the Year.

8. Pedro & Co. give Mets first shot at playoffs since Y2K.

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