1987: Magic's "baby hook" beats Celtics
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1974: Kareem's hook beats Celtics in 2OT
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The Lakers had won the first two games at home, but the Celtics had won Game 3 in the Garden. Another win in Game 4 and Boston was back in the series. The beauty of the shot isn't that it's a hook that echoes Kareem, though that is nice. The beauty of the shot is that it's up and over both Parrish and McHale. Lakers 107, Celtics 106. Series in 6.
– Eric Neel
He was so deep in the corner he was almost standing out of bounds. If it were 1994 instead of 1974, it may have counted for 3 instead of 2. The Bucks were down 3-2 in the series and he was the only one that could save them. He had one shot, the sky hook – and that's all he needed. Some say it was the most beautiful shot in NBA history. Karrem Abdul-Jabbar probably wouldn't argue with you about that.
– Scoop Jackson