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What makes a great kicker in the NFL? One that doesn't have cold feet when the pressure is on.

Our Critics had plenty to say about Week 12's four OT games.

Kicker you want needing a 40-yard FG to win it:   Morten Andersen   Adam V., of course. But Neil Rackers will do   Adam Vinatieri
Tom Coughlin says to Jay Feely after the Giants' loss ...   "I hate you." Or, "You're no Morten Andersen."   "Don't let the door hit you in the keister on your way out."   Please, this is a family Web site
Giants meet Seahawks in playoffs. Who wins?   Giants. Easily   Giants. The Pacific Northwest makes teams soggy   Anyone with Tiki Barber on their fantasy team
Best OT game of Week 12?   Broncos-Cowboys. Good holiday games rule   Seattle-NYG, if only to see the city of New York turn on one man.   Seahawks-Giants. Who doesn't love a missed FG or three?
Most important result of Week 12?   Chicago beating good NFC team on the road   Houston spitting up lead; keep ahead in Reggie Bush Race   Arbitrator stiff-arms T.O., saves NFL contract system
Biggest hero of Week 12?   Jeremy Shockey.   Ryan Fitzpatrick.   LT, Bears' D, Ryan Fitzpatrick.
Biggest goat of Week 12 (well, besides Jay Feely):   Houston Texans organization   Steve Mariucci   Texans, Brett Favre, JP Losman
Best Bears D: '85 or '05?   Not even close. '85   Come on, now. 1985. Don't ask again   '85. Have we forgotten the shuffle?
The Bengals have one win over a winning team. Will they get a second?   Nope   You bet   Yes
Larry Johnson brings the Chiefs ...   Fresh legs for January   Hope in the AFC West   A shot to go one-and-done in the playoffs
Best QB in the NFC right now is . . .   Eli Manning.   Anybody for Brad Johnson?   Brad Johnson. Oy
Don't look it up. Where did Ryan Fitzpatrick go to college?   Some pretentious school in the East   Same place as Natalie Portman, Conan O'Brien and JFK   Harvard. First thing I learned about him. Typical.
NFC wild cards will be ...   Giants/Cowboys, Panthers/Falcons   Atlanta and Dallas   Giants, Falcons.
AFC wild cards will be ...   Steelers, Chiefs   San Diego and Pittsburgh   Chargers, Steelers
Week 13: Cowboys at Giants. The winner is . . .   Giants   Giants. By a field goal!   Whichever teams has to kick fewer FGs
Jake Plummer's beard or Ricky Williams' beard?   Plummer=trendy; Williams=eccentric. Advantage: Williams   Ricky's. Only one that compares is Saddam's   Williams. If I poke a stick in it, will honey flow out?
The Texans are the worst NFL team since . . .   '91 Colts, '93 Bengals, and '94 Redskins   The '04 49ers   This year's 49ers
Where does T.O. play in 2006?   Atlanta   Dallas. Get ready for the show   Philadelphia. Iraq may be a peaceful democracy by then
Final score of Monday's Colts-Steelers game:   28-10, Colts   Indy 35, Pittsburgh 24   24-21. Wait, you want a winner?
NFC North or AFC East?   NFC North is both bad and colorful   NFC North -- better gossip   The one without the Lions
If the Vikings make the playoffs . . .   Maybe the BCS isn't so bad after all   They'll celebrate on dry land   Ted Lange should get a postseason share
Without Byron Leftwich for a month, the Jags are ...   Winless for a month   Toast   Still winning and losing with their D-line