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    The Damn! Moment of Week 5   Good, bad, ugly from Week 5   Match Game: Starring Al Pacino   The Pats
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We saw a very young quarterback learn a painful first lesson on the west coast.

We saw a positively ancient quarterback resuscitate an injury-riddled team on the east coast.

And we saw a Super Bowl MVP demonstrate that his team can still defend their title.

Can you believe we're already wrapping up Week 5? Time is flying, and here's some takes on all the action from the Page 2 critics.

Message sent Sunday by Tom Brady:   I'm more Brett Favre than Joe Montana   Forget about the Red Sox   It ain't over   Don't doubt us. Ever.
The Packers-Saints game proved …   The Saints should sue the NFL   The Saints are sad and weary   See above   Brett Favre can still carry a team
Alex Smith's debut summed up in three words:   Sidney Crosby's twin   An untenable situation   He's still alive   What a nightmare
Donovan McNabb needs to …   Chill for two weeks   Take two Maalox and call T.O. in the morning   Be thankful for last year   Take a vacation
Can the Jets make the playoffs with Vinny?   Hell to the no!   What are you, nuts?   No. Never.   It's possible, but he won't stay healthy long enough
Week Dom Capers will be canned:   Week 7   Today good for you?   Week 7   Week 7
The Ravens' biggest problem is:   No Muhsin Muhammad   Following Raiders' game plan, 21 penalties   Billick can't get out of his own way   Still need a QB
Stat that has to be a damned lie:   21 penalties (Ravens)   Green Bay's 52 unanswered   Alex Smith's three picks in one quarter   C'mon, 21 penalties?
Dangerous team under the radar:   Denver   Seattle   Kansas City   Buffalo (with Holcomb under center)
Finally exposed in Week 5:   Tampa Bay's running attack   Washington Redskins   Philly's offense is not prime time   The Eagles have come back to the pack
The NFL's most dangerous weapon is:   The Shaun Alexander/Joe Jurevicius option   A referee scorned   Still in college (Reggie Bush)   Ronde Barber's right hand
Most important injury to watch:   Cadillac Williams   Mike Vick … come back … Mike!   Kyle Boller   Donovan McNabb
Indy's chances of going 16-0 are …   Slim as Lindsay Lohan   Ticking Nick Buoniconti off   Going to vanish on Nov. 7   About as good as the Red Sox's chances of repeating
What we learned about the Bengals on Sunday night:   They're the team the Colts don't want to see in December   Bad helmets   Still a ways to go   They definitely have the most entertaining WR in the league
The NFL's best division:   AFC West   AFC West   NFC South   NFC East (for now)
The NFL's worst division:   NFC North   NFC North, the NL West of football   NFC North   NFC North (for good)
Best defense in the NFL:   The Broncos   Dungy's Dingers   Indy   Indy (won't last)
Biggest disappointment?   The Ravens   That the Browns-Bears game counted   Minnesota   The Ravens
Not as good as they looked:   Kevin Jones   Drew Bledsoe   Colts D   Matt Schaub
Not as bad as they looked:   Terrell Owens   Alex Smith (Niners pray)   Alex Smith   Donovan McNabb
Stick a fork in 'em:   The Saints   Houston. Blecch.   Baltimore   The Cardinals